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Snorks Figures - Checklist

The Snorks Figures

Snorks FigurinesSnorks figures are a colorful bunch of characters to collect. Included in this group are Allstar, Casey, Dafney, Dimmy, Tooter, Dr. Galeo, Governor Wetworth, Junior, Jo Jo and the Snork-Eater Monster!

Each figure has a bendable snorkel on the top of their head. There are a total of 30 Snork Figurines to collect (made by Schleich). Each Snorks figure is about 8 cm tall (if the snorkel is upright) and is made out of PVC.

The Snorks Collectible Figures Display Case (shown on the left) is the perfect way to show off your snorky friends! The display case reads, "Snorks with bendable snorkels - Hang 'em anywhere!"

See the Snorks Figurines Checklist, pictures of all the Snorks figures... plus Yolanda Snorks / Rohlinge Snorks and Miniland Snorks too!
List of SNORKS FIGURES: (See pictures below)
Beach Bum
Teddy Bear
Watering Can
Ice Cream
Bath Time
Scuba Diver
Dr. Galeo
Jo Jo
Each Snork Figure is stamped "(c) S.E.P.P 1983 [or 1984] - Schleich". You will see they are licensed by either Wallace Berrie or Applause. They are also stamped, "Made in Hong Kong" or "W. Germany".
Allstar Figures:
Allstar Snork All-Star

This happy little Snork named, Allstar, stands on a yellow platform. Allstar wears blue pants with a matching white and blue shirt with a star on the front... he is Allstar afterall!
Beach Bum Allstar All-Star Beach Bum

Allstar is off to the beach! Allstar is decked out in red sunglasses, blue swimming shorts and red flip-flop sandals... and don't forget his bright red inner-tube!
Allstar Soccer Snork All-Star Soccer Player

Sporty Allstar loves playing soccer! Allstar is dressed in black soccer shoes, red socks, blue shorts and a white shirt with a blue star on the front. Allstar kicks a white white soccer ball.
Allstar Football Snork All-Star Football Player

Playing football is fun when you are the super sports star, Allstar! And Allstar is just about to throw the ball! Allstar is dressed in blue pants and a white shirt with a red stripe surrounding a blue star.
Allstar Baseball Snork All-Star Football Player

Who's up to bat? It's the sports legend, Allstar! Wearing blue pants and a white shirt with a blue star surrounded by a red stripe, Alltar gets ready for a homerun!
Allstar Kite Snork All-Star Kite Flyer

What could be more fun on a windy day... flying a kite with Allstar! This playful Snork holds a red kite with a white tail. Allstar wears blue pants and a white shirt with a blue star on the front.
Music Allstar All-Star listens to Music

That's a toe-tapping tune that Allstar is listening to! Allstar wears headphones whiles his listens to his favorite songs.
Casey Figures:
Casey Snork with Pizza Casey with a Pizza

Who wants a pizza pie? Casey carries a delicious pizza on a plank. Casey wears green pants with a matching white and green-sleeved shirt. Her pink pigtails are tied with green ribbons.
Casey Snork with Flowers Casey with Flowers

How sweet... Casey holds a little bunch of flowers. She keeps her other hand shyly behind her back.
Casey Snork with Bear Casey with teddybear

Casey cuddles her teddy bear.
Nurse Casey Snork Casey the Nurse

Not feeling well? Don't worry, this adorable Nurse Casey is here to help you feel better!
Dimmy Figures:
Doctor Dimmy Snork Dimmy the Doctor

Doctor Dimmy is ready to make a house call. With his stethoscope and white doctor's bag on hand, Dimmy looks the part!
Ice Cream Dimmy Snork Dimmy eats Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Dimmy enjoys a frozen treat, a delicious ice cream cone.
Rollerskater Dimmy Snork Dimmy the Rollerskater

The fun-loving Dimmy goes rollerskating with a big smile on his face.
Bath Time Dimmy Snork Dimmy takes a Bath

With a scrub-brush and rubber ducky, Dimmy is ready for a nice bath!
Daffney Figures:
Jogger Dafney Snork Dafney goes Jogging

Jogger Dafney looks like she'll win the race! Standing on a base, Dafney looks cute in her running gear.
Dafney Snork plays Frisbee Dafney plays Frisbee

Dafney wears a cute little red dress with matching red shoes while she plays a game of Frisbee. All of the boy Snorks better keep their heads up!
Dafney Snork with Mirror Dafney with Mirror

Oh la la... Dafney admires herself in a red shell-shaped compact mirror.
Tennis Dafney Snork Dafney plays Tennis

This sporty Dafney is having fun playing tennis... and she looks great doing it! The purple-skinned Dafney wears a red dress and holds a white tennis racket.
Dafney Snork with Watering Can Dafney with Watering Can

Dafney tends to the garden by watering the plants. This figure shows Dafney happily pouring from a yellow watering can.
Tooter Figures:
Hiker Tooter Snork Tooter goes Hiking

Hiker Tooter has his walking stick and a packback... he's all set for an adventure!
Horn Tooter Snork Tooter with a Horn

Tooter communicates by using his horn! Tooter has light green skin and wears all-green.
Scuba Diver Tooter Snork Tooter the Scuba Diver

Tooter wears scuba diving gear - including a cute mask! He has a yellow fork with him for his underwater adventures.
Poet Tooter Snork Tooter the Poet

Poet Tooter writes his thoughts with a feather quill pen.
More Snork Figures:
Dr. Galeo Snork Dr. Galeo

The purple doctor Snork wears yellow glasses and a white lab coat.
Jo Jo Snork Jo Jo

JoJo is the only Snork figure with two snorkels. Jo Jo has brown skin and has a wild-style loin cloth.
Snork Governor Wetworth Governor Wetworth

Meet the governor of Snorktown, the much un-beloved Governor Wetworth! The governor has orange skin with purple hair and mustache. He wears a spiffy suit and hat.
Junior Snork Junior

Junior can act a bit spoiled and snotty... and this figure shows just that! He has his fingers crossed behind his back! Junior is orange-skinned and wears a baby-blue suit and a smirk.
Willie Snork Willie Boy

How adorable is this little boy snork, Willie? Willie Wetworth (the younger brother of Junior) looks cute with his buddy by his side.
Snorkeater Figure:
Snork-Eater Monster Snork-Eater

Don't look now, but it's a Snork-eating monster! This scary creature preys on adorable Snorks... so beware of the monster Snork-Eaters!
Yolanda Snorks (Rohling Snorks):
Rohlinge Snorks
Yolanda Snorks

Yolanda Snorks are solid colored Snork figurines, also known as Rohling Snorks. Rohling meaning raw or unpainted. Yolanda Snorks are based on the Schleich Snork molds (as seen above). The difference being that Yolanda Snorks are an unpainted solid color PVC and have the "Yolanda" mark.
Rohlinge Snorks
Yolanda Snorks Stamp

Each Rohlinge Snork has "Yolanda" stamped on the underside of the figurine. The Yolanda Snorks come in various solid colors including yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and orange.
Miniland Snorks Miniland Snorks:

The complete collection of Miniland Snorks include five Snork Figures. Each Miniland Snork figurine is stamped with "Miniland, SA (c) 1984 - SEPP" on the back of its head. The Miniland Snorks have noticeably unique hands compared to the Schleich Snork figures. The Miniland Snorks include:
  • Allstar
  • Tooter
  • Dimmy
  • Daffney
  • Casey
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Allstar
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Casey
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Dimmy
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Daffney
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Tooter
Miniland Snorks Playset
Miniland Snorks Playset
Miniland Snorks Box
Miniland Snorks Box (Backside)
Miniland Snorks
Miniland Snorks Figures & Accessories
The Miniland Snorks Playset comes with five articulated Snorks and lots of fun accessories! There are swimming flippers, skis with ski poles, a tennis racquet and even a tricycle! There are tools including a hammer, pick axe and shovel. There are cute items like a rolling pin, spoon, comb, camera, and clock. The musical instruments include a guitar, trumpet and harp. So many fun activities for the Snorks!

The Miniland Snork Playset is from 1986. Made in Spain. The box reads, "Miniland, s/a Snorkels". It measures 3 x 12 x 17.5 inches. The back of the box shows a colorful picture of the Snorks playing and having fun!

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