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Care Bears


Care Bears

Care Bears Song Lyrics:

Care Bears Countdown 4-3-2-1
Whos's that comin' from somewhere up in the sky?
Movin' fast and bright as a firefly
Just when ya think that trouble's gonna pounce
Who's gonna be there when it really counts?
Do the Care Bears Countdown
and send a wish out through the air (x2)
Just do the Care Bears Countdown
Just when you need 'em they'll be there (x2)
Don't be afraid when clouds are brewin' in your heart
If you can dream just send a wish out in the dark!
and do the Care Bears Countdown

Care BearsMeet the Care Bears
The Care Bears are friendly bears that live together in the clouds in a place called Care-a-lot. They're cuddly, their fuzzy, they're furry and above all - they care! Each bear has a picture on their tummy that shows what they care most about. The Care Bears mission is to teach everyone how to care! Care Bears occasionally leave the clouds to visit people and help them with their problems and worries, and sometimes they bring people to Care-a-Lot to help them learn about caring. Regardless of where they are, the Care Bears care!

Care-a-Lot is home to the Care Bears. Their home is ornate and beautiful, adorned with fluffy clouds and all the accouterments that go with a fairy-tale castle - except that it's in the sky (which makes it twice as cool). Just like in Camelot, Care-a-Lot features a castle, called Care-a-Lot Castle, and even has a "round table", in the Hall of the Heart, a special gallery where they sit around a heart shaped table. If you're looking for Care-a-Lot on a map, just look inside yourself - Care-a-Lot is everywhere that love and caring exists.

Tummy Symbols
Care Bears come in every color of the rainbow. And what's most unique about Care Bears is that every Care Bear wears a special icon on its stomach. This special icon highlights its nature and what it cares about. This icon / logo / crest is known as the Care Bears "tummy symbol". For example, Good Luck Bear is green and has a four-leaf clover on his tummy... and it brings everyone good luck! In 2007, the Care Bears Movie, "Oopsy Does It!" refers to these tummy symbols as "belly badges".

Care Bear Cousins
Along with Care Bears proper, additional family members are the Care Bear Cousins, who are (naturally) related to the Care Bears themselves. There are many different cute animals that make up the Care Bear Cousins... including a Lion, Raccoon, Penguin, Lamb, Elephant and Rabbit.

The Care Bear Stare
The Care Bears can solve any problem with the Care Bear Stare! When the Care Bears line up together and give the Care Bear Stare, rays of love and good cheer bring happiness into the recipient's heart. You know what's about to happen when you hear, "Care Bears... prepare to stare!" or "Care Bears Countdown!" The Care Bear cousins also have a secret weapon called the Care Bear Cousin Call, which is much like the Care Bear Stare.

1980s Care Bears
The Care Bears were released in 1981 by Those Characters from Cleveland, the toy and licensing division of American Greetings. Care Bears very first incarnation were greeting cards painted by Elena Kucharik. Muriel Fahrion, who also designed Strawberry Shortcake designed the first six Care Bears and their tummy icons. Muriel's sister Susan Trentel designed the first Care Bear plush dolls (she also designed the first Strawberry Shortcake dolls). The first plush Care Bears were released by Kenner toys in 1983. Along with Those Characters from Cleveland, Care Bears were co-created with Marketing and Design Service (MAD), from General Mills cereals.

Care Bears Cartoon
The Care Bears television series ran from 1985 to 1988. Two feature-length motion pictures were released. 1985 saw the release of The Care Bears Movie, and in 1986 featured Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. In 1987, The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland was released.

Care Bears Relaunched
The Care Bears were re-issued in 2002 by Play-Along Toys looking more or less like they always have - lovable and caring! In 2007, the Care Bears look quite a bit different - they're slimmer and some characters have new tummy icons. 2008 saw American Greetings announcing a new "Care Power Team" series in which the Care Bears have enhanced belly badges. In the new series, the Bears will go on rescues and similar adventures...the Care Bears are back!

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