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DilbertDilbert is a single and perpetually unsatisfied employee who goes to work each day in an office full of colorful and familiar (if you work in an office) characters. The comic strip Dilbert has been published since April 16, 1989 and attracts a large following for it's poignant and sometimes prescient ability to capture daily office life. Dilbert is well-loved because it is the first comic to accurately portray the insanity and inefficiency of daily office life.

Dilbert has a pet dog, named Dogbert, whose interaction was initially the focus of the comic. Over time, the entire cadre of characters at Dilbert's employer have been explored. Dilbert is ostensibly an engineer, but all facets of the business world are analyzed and poked fun at in the Dilbert comic. The central theme of Dilbert is the Kafkaesque and Tery Gilliam's Brazil-like world of bureaucracy, incompetence, reticence and overall inequity that is present in the modern workplace. The character Dilbert wears an upturned tie that can never be affixed in place properly, which is symbolic of the results of his aspirations and intentions - no matter what he does, he will be thwarted. Dilbert's pointy haired boss (called "Pointy Haired Boss") epitomizes the worst facets of management - he doesn't listen, is stubborn, ignorant, and basically only endeavors to maintain his position, power and salary. The character of Dilbert faces the same incompetence throughout the organization, whether in his dealings with intransigent secretaries, useless co-workers, or impossible deadlines or project goals. Dilbert is surrounded by a world that he cannot control, a world that does not care, and a world that will never learn, even in the face of its destruction - our world, in other words.

Dilbert CubicleThe comic Dilbert has achieved praise and accolades from both comic fans and the business world. Scott Adams used to work at Pacific Bell, which provided him with rich source material regarding the daily grind of corporate life. In fact, he continued working at Pacific Bell until he was "downsized" in 1995. Because of Adams' ability to accurately capture the spirit of the business world, his comic is regularly featured in the business section - not comic section - of newspapers. Adams has also published six successful business books. As well, Adams has designed products such as the Ultimate Cubicle and Dilbert Ultimate Home (DUH), accomplishments never achieved by other cartoonists. Dilbert made it to the small screen as well - it was a UPN television cartoon for two years starting in 1999 - and is now available on DVD.

Dilbert is a a worldwide success and the comic is still being produced today. Over 33 books have been published, and many more are sure to come!

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