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The Snorks Costumes


Snorks Costumes

Great Snorks Costumes. Dress-up as a Snork for Halloween or a costume party... but just make sure you go as your favorite Snork! We love the Snorks, we wish we could be a Snork... now at least we can look like a Snork! Featured Snork Costumes include: Allstar, Casey, Tooter... and even Occy, the Snorks octopus! Learn how to make a Snork Costume too!

Become a Snork: Buy Liquid Latex and turn your skin Snorky. Want to be a yellow, red or blue Snork? Get the liquid latex for an easy transformation!

The Snorks Costumes:
Snorks Costume
Snorks Costumes
Allstar & Casey

Totally snorky costumes! Here is Allstar Snork and Caesy Snork. They each have big bubble heads with a snorkel on top! Casey Snork is pink and wears a heart belt. Allstar is yellow and wears a star on his shirt.
Snorks Costume
Snorks Costumes
Tooter & Occy

Here comes Tooter and Occy down the red carpet! Tooter wears a green bubble head, green top with a yellow circle in the center and green pants. Occy is totally stylish with a purple bubble head and a one piece body costume, complete with tentacles at the bottom.
How to Make a Snork Costume:

First pick your favorite Snork character. Then you must decide if you want to make a Snork mask or a full round head. After that, you simply need to get the correct color clothing and add a few embellishments.

Step. 1 - Pick your favorite Snork

  • Allstar Snork - yellow skin / blue star on his shirt / blue pants
  • Casey Snork - pink skin / with a heart on her belt / green shirt and pants / hair: pink pigtails hair
  • Tooter Snork - green skin / yellow circle on shirt / green clothing / hair: curly green on the sides
  • Daffney Snork - purple skin / red dress / red star in her hair
  • Dimmy Snork - orange skin / yellow shirt with belt buckle and belt / yellow shoes
  • Junior Snork - orange skin / cyan blue suit pants and jacket with circle in center / blue pompadour hair

Step. 2 - Making a Snork Mask or Full Head Piece:

First off, take a look at the Snorks Character List to get an idea of what your "face" will look like. If you go as Tooter, you'll need green curly hair. If you go as Casey, you'll need pink pony-tails. Some Snorks are harder to make than others!

Snorks MaskSnork Mask:

Trace your character onto a piece of paper, color it the right color, and finally poke out holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Make sure that you can see properly and that you are able to breathe easily! Then just cut out your mask and attach it around your head with elastic.

Snork Bubble Head:

You'll need to make the big round head with the snorkel on top out of paper mache. The supplies you'll need for the Snork Head include: paint, mesh wire, newspaper and white glue. Make sure you cut out holes so you can breathe properly and so that you can see too!

Step. 3 - Snork Clothes

The easiest way to become a Snork is to get a pullover, sweater or top in the color of your character, and matching colored pants for the bottom. If you're going as a girl Snork, you may want to consider a dress and colored tights. Once you have this part done, you're practically snorkified!


Snorks Costume
Snorks Costumes
Allstar & Casey- Front View
Snorks Costume
Snorks Costumes
Allstar & Casey-Side View (Smooch!)

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