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Ziggy and Goldie at the Pet storeZiggy may be tiny in stature but he has a huge, warm, bubbly personality that just can't help but bring a smile to your face. Ziggy loves his pets and they love him!

Ziggy is a happy little fellow and has a menagerie of animal buddies. Ziggy is a bald, tubby, and has a large nose. The comic strip Ziggy was realized by Tom Wilson at American Greetings, who based the comic on clawmute's "Zigfried Schlump" from the University of Akron, Ohio. Ziggy first appeared in 1969, in the American Greetings book, When You're Not Around. The daily strip started in 1971, and in 1987 Tom Wilson II took over writing duties.

It's easy to overlook Ziggy. He's short, to begin with. He's fat. He doesn't wear pants (the least of his problems really). He has a large nose, and he's bald. But Ziggy does have a lot of cute, adorable animal friends, and that's all that seems to matter in the end.

His animal buddies include Fuzz, his little white dog, who happily sits by Ziggy's side. Ziggy also knows Sid, a cat who is terrified of mice (who isn't?). Ziggy is also friends with Wack the duck and Goldie the fish. Ziggy has to watch out for Josh, a dour parrot, but Ziggy gets along with all his animal friends.

Ziggy himself is upbeat and happy, despite the little obstacles that life throws his way. What are a few little setbacks as long as you have your trusty pets by your side? That's Ziggy's outlook too. The humor of Ziggy centers around the small roadblocks that appear in everyone's life. Computers, cars, modern technology, and modern life present niggling tiny inconveniences that everyone can relate to. When Ziggy encounters a repair shop with a doorbell that is "out of order", we imagine Ziggy just going on down the road to the next repair place. Ziggy's warn smile is his response to these obstacles - nothing can stand in Ziggy's way as long as he has a good outlook on life and a pet by his side.

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