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Shirt Tales


Shirt Tales

Shirt Tales Song Lyrics:

Who do you call when you're caught in a jam?
Too scared to stay...
Too scared to scram!
It's a cinch,
In a pinch...
You call:

Pammy Rick Digger Tyg Kip and Bogey!


Who do you call when the going gets tough?
Who do you need when the going is rough?
When you call, call us all!

We're the Shirt Tales!

Rick Pammy Tyg Digger Kip and Bogey!


Meet The Shirt Tales!

It's Shirt Tales Time!Wondering who these cute little animals are? Love that cute lil' monkey?

It all started in 1980 with a line of Hallmark greeting cards. The cards featured adorable animals wearing t-shirts with phrases such as "Superstar" and "Smile". People bought the cards like crazy. What was not to love? The animals are cute and cuddly and the t-shirts featured simple and uplifting messages. The folks at Hallmark teamed up with Hanna Barbera and in 1982, the animated Shirt Tales NBC TV show was born.

The Shirt Tales live in Oak Tree Park in Mid City and feature Bogey Orangutan (who sounds like Humphrey Bogart), Digger Mole, Kip Kangaroo (who joined in Season Two), Pammy Panda, Tyg Tiger and Rick Raccoon. The park ranger is named Mr. Dinkel. The Shirt Tales spend their time horsing around with the park ranger, fighting crime in the city, and helping out visitors to the park.

Just because they're cute animals doesn't mean they can't have an amazing set of wheels - the Shirt Tales drive the STSST (Shirt Tales Super Sonic Transport), which was a combination car, boat, jet, submarine - or pretty much anything they can wish for. The STSST has a special laser beam that can do many things (like act as a ladder or lasso).

The Shirts tales communicate using specialized video wristwatches that can also project 3D holographs. The Shirt Tales may be animals, but they have some impressive technology!

Lots of fun Shirt Tales stuff has been made over the years - including Christmas ornaments (a Hallmark staple), t-shirts, boardgames, stickers, and more. Of course, the greeting cards were super-popular when the show was on the air!

The Shirt Tales TV show ran from 1982 to 1985, for a total of two years and 23 episodes. The Hallmark series of cards ended around 1985 as well - but five years for a single line of cards is impressive! The Shirt Tales show is still popular - it's currently broadcast on Cartoon Network's Boomerang TV channel.

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