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Snorks Episode Guide


Snorks Episode Guide

The Snorks animated series ran for four seasons on NBC, from 1984 to 1988. This Snorks Episode Guide lists every Snork episode and provides a description of each Snorks cartoon. Come along with the Snorks!

Occy OctopusCasey Rides SeahorseJunior Snorks TroublemakerTooter Gets a Kiss

The Snorks Episode Guide:

Snorks Season One - 1984
1 Journey To the Source: The Steam festival is threatened when there is no steam in the steam stream! Vandal Scandal: A graffiti artist is vandalizing Snorkland!
2 Hooked on a Feeling: Occy falls in love - with a fisherman's lure! The New Neighbors: Hummerfish threaten the kelp the Snorks depend on to live - will the Snorks help them sing a new tune?
3 Das Boot: A boot falls from a sailing ship, causing all sorts of confusion and consternation among the Snorks below. Which Snork Snitched: There is a snitch on the loose in Snorkland - which Snork could it be?
4 Allstar's All-Star Band: All-Star forms a band to raise money for his Uncle Gallio. Snorkymania: Drums from a ship fall into Snorkland releasing a red substance that makes everyone laugh!
5 A Snorking We Will Go: The Snorks go camping and learn how to live in wilderness. Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't: AllStar's seahorse Seabiscuit may not have what it takes when up against Junior!
6 Snork Dance: School's out 'til Fall and tonight's the night of the Starfish prom - will Allstar be able to make it? Snork Marks the Spot: Occy digs up some ancient Snorkian relics at the site of the Governor's new building.
7 Junior's Secret: Toys are being donated en masse to the Toys for Snorks program - but did a toy of Junior's get accidently mixed in? The Big Scoop: Casey is the editor of a newspaper and Junior is determined to get the big scoop!
8 The Blue Coral Necklace: Allstar doesn't know how he can tell his mom that Occy destroyed her priceless blue coral necklace. Up, Up and A Wave: The Committee of Women Snorks (COWS) officiate the 10th annual Snorkland balloon race - but will there be a surprise guest?
9 Snorkin' Surf Party: It's snorkin' hot - will a snorkboard race cool things down, or heat things up between Allstar and Junior? The Snorkness Monster: The Snorks take a fieldtrip to the Snorkness highlands and are warned by Angus McSquid about the Snorkness Monster that lurks in the caves!
10 A Snork on the Wild Side: The Snorks meet JoJo for the first time! Allstar's Double Trouble: Allstar is stuck with two dates for the same evening - how will he solve his troubles?
11 Fine Fettered Friends: Allstar and Junior get chained together - and they can't get apart! Time Out for Sissies: Bullies are threatening Allstar and the gang.
12 Me Jo-Jo, You Daffney: When Daffney feels ignored by Dimmy, she asks the wild JoJo to the deubtante ball. The Old Shell Game: Allstar, Dimmy and Tooter must guard precious shells while housesitting - and watch out for the scheming Junior.
13 The King of Kelp: It's the Kelp Festival - who will be crowned the King of Kelp after the kelp-picking contest? Whales Tales: A baby whale is caught in a fishnet.

Occy OctopusHelp MeCute Baby SnorkSnorks Doctor

Snorks Season Two - 1985
1 Snorkitis is Nothing to Sneeze At: A Snork sneezing syndrome called Snorkitis strikes the Snorks - Can Gallilio come up with a cure? The Whole Toot and Nothing But... : Will Tooter get held back a year for failing speech class?
2 Chickens of the Sea: A Salt shortage comes to Snorkland - will the Mega Snork be able to help? Never Cry Wolf-Fish: It's only once a year that the flying fish return - and Dimmy and the gang are going to watch!
3 A Hard Day's Snork: Tooter's music becomes the top of the pops - but someone else has more sinister musical designs on the Snorkland crew. Learn to Love Your Snork: Daffney's abstract aqua art scupture of Casey proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
4 Allstar's Freshwater Adventure: Turbulent water brings a new friend to Snorkland - Lucky! Dr. Strangesnork: Snorkland is introduced to the evil Dr. Strangesnork and his scheme to take over Snorkland using a mind-swapper.
5 It's Just a Matter of Slime: Allstar confronts descrimination when the Kelp Helpers are turned away at the ice stream parlor. Water Friends For? Tensions mount when Daffney and Casey buy tickets to a hockey game and rodeo - they can't attend both, can they?
6 Junior's Octopuppy: Allstar explains to his Uncle Gallio about the time when Occy was Junior's - not Allstar's - pet octopus. The Shape of Snorks To Come: A sequake sends Junior fifty years into the future - will he like what he sees?
7 Casey and the Doubleheader: Casey and Dimmy discover a Complex Duplex - a two headed sea creature that just awoke from hibernation. The Ugly Yuckfish: Allstar and the gang visit the Snorkland Wild Fish Reserve and encounter a Yuckfish - who seems to be in love with Daffney!
8 Gills Just Want to Have Fun: Dr. Strangesnork attempts to flatten - and rebuild - Snorkland using his permanent wave machine. Guess What's Coming to Dinner! : A young Snork Eater disappoints his parents because he is a vegetarian.
9 A Sign of the Tides: King Neptune, ruler of the seas, blows his golden shell to turn the tides - but he loses it! The Littlest Mermaid: During a sea storm, Dimmy discovers a real-life mermaid - and Dr. Strangesnork has plans for her!
10 I Squid You Not: Occy and Allstar have a fight and Occy runs away from home - and is captured by Slugwart! The Backwards Snork: The Snorks encounter the mysterious Backward Snork, who does things in reverse.
Snorks Season Three - 1987
1 All's Whale that Ends Whale: Allstar and pals try to lose an angler fish that is chasing them - by accidently swimming into the open mouth of a whale! Allstar's Last Hour: Allstar is very sick and Gallio says the only person that can save him is King Claw.
2 A Willie Scary Shalloween: Willie is un-invited to the big Shalloween party - what will he do to get back on the guest list? Sea Shore Sideshow: Allstar complains that nothing exciting ever occurs in Snorkland - then he and the gang are taken above ground in a boot!
3 Freeze Save our Town: Esky from the Snork Pole needs help defending against three Snork Eaters - it looks like a job for the Snork Patrol! Snip and Snap: Snip & Snap are introduced - will they do Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed's bidding, or be loyal Snorks?
4 Junior's Empire: Junior reads about Julius Seastar and decides he should run for class president - then emperor? The Golden Dolphin: A baby dolphin is trapped somewhere beyond the reef and it is up to Corky, Casey, Allstar and JoJo to save him!
5 It's Always Darkest Before the Snork: The Great Snork Nork pledges that day will become night - permanently, and that he will be the leader of the Snorks! The Sand Witch: Every few centuries, the Sand Witch moves into our world, choosing a different place. This time, she has chosen Snorkland - and she's hungry!
6 The Shady Shadow: Dr. Strangesnork has perfected his most evil creation - the Shadow Shiner! His machine makes slave shadows that he will use to rule Snorkland! Tooter Loves Tadah: It's the big school dance tomorrow, and the band needs a new sound - a new tooting Snork called Tadah fits the bill!
7 Daffney's Ransom: Bigweed has captured Daffney and is holding her for ransom! Salmon Chanted Evening: Junior has found a treasure map - a huge human treasure map, that is.
8 Casey in Sandland: Casey is bored with everyday life and wants adventure - so she's transported to Sandland and meets Sandy, Princess of the Sandpeople! Reefberry Madness: The Reefberry's have been poisoned by Bigweed, turning everyone except Corky silly!
9 A Farewell of Arms: The Snorks meet a new octopus and Occy is jealous. Mummy Snorkest: The gang must go to King Tut Snork's tomb and bring back his mummy - but the Snork Nork has other plans!
10 Jo-Jo in Control: Jo-Jo feels like the other Snorks just like him for his physical prowess when danger is near, so the gang try to include him - will they survive JoJo's "help"? The Day the Ocean Stood Still: Bip and Bop from the planet Sea-turn visit the Snorks - but what does Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed have to do with it?
11 Chills, Drills and Spills: The Snork Pole is being destroyed by oil drilling - and Allstar and the Snorks team up to help Esky! The Longest Shortcut: An encounter with a Slug-a-Lug is just the beginning of the Snorks troubles.
12 Taming of the Snork: The willfull and obstinate Princess Shariff must be tamed, and Gallio can help! The Snorks help teach the princess the meaning of kindness. Willie & Smallstar's Big Adventure: Smallstar and Willie are determined to go on their own campout after they're told they're too little to go with the big Snorks.
13 A Snork in a Gilded Cage: The Snorks are going to collect some sea critters to bring to Gallio - but Allstar ends up collected himself! The Snorkshire Spooking: Governor Wetworth just bought the Snorkshire estate - but is it haunted?
Snorks Season Four - 1988 / 1989
1 Daffney's Not so Great Escape: Daffney feels unnapreciated but tries really hard to help when Allstar and the gang are captured. Willie's Best Fiend: Junior is supposed to babysit Willie but watches TV instead - so Willie goes outside and makes a new friend - a baby Snork Eater!
2 Day of the Juniors: Junior wants more money - so he buys a magic formula that brings a picture of himself to life - creating Junior clones! Dr. Strangesnork's Bomb: Dr. Strangesnork is forced to use his most sinister weapon - the Skunkfish Bomb, the stinkiest bomb in the world!
3 A Starfish is Born: When stargazing, Casey notices a falling star with her telescope! Ooze Got the Snorks: Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are about to release the Horrible Ooze! Will they destroy all of Snorkland - or the whole ocean?
4 The Silly Snorkasaurus: Allstar finds Snorky as an egg in the forgotten sea! Who's Who? : Allstar and Spike the Snorkeater get their minds switched in Gallio's machine!
5 Battle of the Gadgets: It's the battle of the gadgets between Bigweed, Lil' Seaweed, and the Snorks - and is it Junior to the rescue? Little Lord Occy: Is Occy really a member of the Snorks of Eel Hampton?
6 Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush: Will Junior's ruby kelp win the science contest - or a big fat wallet? The Boo Lagoon: Baby Smallstar goes on adventure all of her own - into the Boo Lagoon! Will the Snorks be able to save her from Skull Castle?
7 How the Snork was Won: The Story of how the Snorks came to Snorktown - American history, Snork style! In Junior's Image: Junior makes his debonaire double, Ditto!
8 Robosnork: Bigweed's army attacks Snorktown - but Speeder the robot Snork will protect the Snorks!
9 Summer & Snork: Tallula Bankfish the famous actor is in town for the school play and Daffney gets to be her understudy!
10 Allstar's Odyssey: Allstar tells the story of the ancient Greek Snorks and the Golden Fleece - but will the myth become real for Allstar?
11 In Greed we Trust: Granpa Snork tries to teach Junior not to be too greedy - but will Junior have to learn the hard way?
12 Jaws Says the Word: Allstar meets Joey the Shark - but will Joey cause more trouble than good?
13 Prehisnorkic: It's snowing in July - is an iceberg to blame? Look out - a prehistoric Snork is hidden inside!
14 Rhyme and Punishment: Daffney and Junior go to the library's rare book section and enter the magical land of books!
15 The Wizard of Ice: The island Snorks are threatened by the evil Wizard of Ice.
16 Big City Snorks: The Snorks make a new friend above water - outside the ocean - and will they be able to save their new friend's uncle's sea park?
17 Nightmare on Snorkstreet: The Snorks read through their monthly copy of Seamonster Monthly - and they go and play monster!
18 Robin Snork: Junior is hired to keep an eye at Casey's father store - things have been mysterious disappearing!
19 Snorkerella: Stevie Snork is going to pick the homecoming queen at the dance - will it be lil' Seaweed?
20 Snork Ahoy: When a pirate ship appears, adventure comes calling Allstar!
21 The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze: Daffney wants to be like the circus Snork Terrific Tessy, the beautful lady on the flying trapeeze.
22 Oh Brother! : Gallio's brother Dr. Strangesnork is after him - and we finally get to learn why he dislikes him so!
23 The Story Circle: Famous stories come to life in the Snorks Story Circle!
24 I'll Be Senior: Grandpa Snork is a little down in the dumps - can the Snork gang cheer him up?
25 The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth: Allstar attempted to fix Junior's attitude when they were little - can the gang finish the job today?
26 The First Snork in Space: Molly comes from the planet Sea-turn in another underworld universe. She needs a special root that grows in Snork Eater territory.
27 Wish or Wish Out: Just rub the pearl and make your wish - can it really be that simple?
28 All That Glitters is Not Goldfish: Can Corky help the people of Seagypt?
29 My Dinner with Allstar: What will the magic genie bring Bigweed and Allstar? Trouble?

Snorks Season 1 ran from September 15, 1984 through December 8, 1984. Snorks Season 2 ran from September 14, 1985 through November 16, 1985. Snorks Season 3 ran from September 12, 1987 through December 5, 1987. Snorks Season 4 aired from September 10, 1988 through January 14, 1989.

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