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Meet The Smurfs


Welcome to Smurfland

Play the Smurfs theme song! Here are the lyrics for the Smurf song from the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show. But be careful - once you play it - you won't stop from singing la la la all day long!

Play the Smurfs Theme Song:
Theme Song Lyrics
for the Smurf Cartoon

La la la la la la
Sing a happy song
La la la la la la
Smurf the whole day long
La la la la la la
Smurf along with me
La la la la la la
Simple as can be
Next time you're feeling blue
Just let a smile begin
(I hate Smiles)
Happy things will come to you
So smurf yourself a grin
Ooooh I hate Smurfs!
La la la la la la
Now you know the tune
La la la la la la
You'll be smurfing soon!

Welcome to Smurfland

The Smurfs were born in 1958. Pierre "Peyo" Culliford created The Smurfs. Although a success in his native Belgium, the Smurfs exploded in popularity during the 1980s - thanks to a single American fan named Melissa Silverman. Like many children, Melissa loved her little blue Smurf figurines. However, Melissa was definitely not "most children" - her father was Fred Silverman, a television executive. Upon his daughter's urging, Fred Silverman contacted Hanna Barbera to create the animated Smurfs TV Show. The cartoon was broadcast every Saturday morning on NBC from 1981 until April, 1990 - almost a decade of Smurfs! Hard to believe that one fan could spread so much smurfiness 'round the world.
Pierre Culliford
The Smurfs Village

The Smurfs are little blue friends that live in a hidden village... deep within the forest. There are 101 Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Hefty Smurf and many more!

The Smurfs live in tiny mushroom cottages with doors, windows and chimneys. Smurfs are blue, wear white hats and pants, and stand about three apples tall.
Smurf Village
Smurf House Smurfs playing in an orchestra
Every Smurf in the village has a job or is known for doing something. So each Smurf's name reflects the nature of what they do best. Greedy Smurf manages the bakery, Handy Smurf invents and fixes things, and Jokey Smurf is the biggest trickster in the bunch! And Lazy Smurf is often found asleep on the job - that's how he got his name! I bet you can't guess how Grouchy Smurf got his name?
Papa Smurf is the leader of Smurfs and is also a powerful wizard. Kind, patient and understanding, Papa Smurf always has time to listen to his fellow Smurfs and find solutions to whatever crisis they all face. Papa Smurf wears special clothing - his hat and pants are uniquely red.

Smurfette was the first female Smurf in the village. Beautiful and beguiling, Smurfette certainly knows how to get the attention of her fellow Smurfs - by fluttering her eyelids and saying "Yoo Hoo"!

The Smurfs have one main enemy - Gargamel and his terrible cat, Azrael. Gargamel and Azrael spend their time trying to capture and eat the Smurfs - and Gargamel thinks the Smurfs can be turned into gold!
Cheeky Smurf Top 10 Things to Know About the Smurfs

01. The Smurfs are blue.
02. The word "Smurf" is used as both a noun and verb.
03. The Smurfs are three apples tall.
04. "Smurf" is the Flemish word for "Whatchamacallit".
05. The evil Gargamel has an equally evil cat named Azrael.
06. Peyo is Pierrot Culliford's nickname.
07. The Smurfs debuted in the comic "Johan et Pirouit".
08. Papa is 543 years old but doesn't look a day over 200!
09. The Smurfs were created in Brussels, Belgium in 1958.
10. Smurfette was the first girl Smurf ever!

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