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My Little Pony


My Little Pony

My Little Pony Song Lyrics:
My Little Pony (x2)
Everyday is a dream come true
My Little Pony (x2)
How I love to play with you
No way of knowing
Where we'll be going
Our adventures never end
My Little Pony (x2)
I'm so glad you're my friend
We'll plan a party with Pinkie Pie
A bunch of balloons lift her up to the sky
Scootaloo will show us games to play
Toola Roola will be painting away
Rainbow Dash always dresses in style
Sweetie Bells magic brings a great big smile
I hope to hear a story from Cheerilee
And a beautiful Starsong melody
My Little Pony (x2)
I'm so glad you're my friend

My Little PonyMy Little Pony is a collection of beautiful and colorful ponies who live in Friendship Gardens. Each pony wears unique symbols called Cutie Marks on their hips. They are most famously known as a line of toy ponies with luxurious brushable hair that were first released in 1983.

My Little Pony inspired a merchandising phenomenon starting in the 1980s. In addition to the dolls, other toys such as plush dolls, books and playsets were released. As well, an animated series, videogames, TV specials, DVDs and an animated feature film were all produced starring the Little Pony gang.

The success of My Little Pony is amazing. Starting in 1983, there have been a steady stream of incarnations of My Little Pony for around 25 years - an amazing feat. Technically speaking, My Little Pony originated from 1981's My Pretty Pony toy. In 1983, the first batch of My Little Ponies were created, which ran until 1992 (1995 in other countries). The next launch of Ponies came out in 1997 and lasted up to 1999 (2003 in other countries). Finally, another re-launch occurred in 2003 and the Ponies have been going strong ever since.

How popular is the world of My Little Pony? Qute simply, no other 1980s toy has experienced such an impressive run as My Little Pony, which has been in almost constant production all around the world since 1983. In 2008, My Little Pony celebrated their 25th Anniversary - and they're still selling toys, broadcasting the TV show and going strong!

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