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Snorks Characters


The Snorks Characters List
Meet the Snorks! Snorkland is full of colorful characters - orange, yellow, pink, red, green and more! There are good guys (Allstar, Casey, Daffney, Dimmy, Tooter), bad guys (Snork Eaters, Dr. Strangesnork and The Great Snork Nork), some kind of in-between (like Junior) and robots too! Read on for our full guide to Snork characters!

List of Snorks Characters:

AllStar Seaworthy AllStar Seaworthy

AllStar Seaworthy is a friendly, good natured, sporty, popular, yellow-skinned Snork who is basically the leader of the Snorks (despite the Governor having the official title). Allstar's Uncle Gallio helped focus Allstar's interests on science and inventions in addition to sports, school, and leadership. Allstar and Casey are sweet on each another. When Allstar is inspired and gets a "Starbright Idea", his belt buckle spins round and round.
Occy Occy

Occy is Allstar's pet octopus! He's male, he's red, and he was once owned by Junior (who abandoned him). Occy is a funloving octopus and tends to tease Junior whenever he can.
Casey Casey

Casey is a cute pony-tail wearing Snork that is sweet on Allstar (and he likes her too!). Casey usually wears midriff-revealing shirts, and she is colored light-pink. Casey is intelligent, courageous and responsible. Casey's best friend is Daffney.
Tooter Tooter

Tooter toots! That's right - he doesn't speak...but he communicates just fine using a series of toots and other sounds. Despite not speaking Snork, Tooter is the linguist of the gang - he can communicate with all sorts of other creatures in the sea. Tooter is very playful as well!
Daffney Daffney

Daffney Gillfin is pretty, somewhat vain, kindhearted, and enjoys the theatrical. Best friends with Casey, Daffney is pink with purple hair, and is romantically inclined towards Dimmy.
Junior Junior

More formally known as Wellington Wetworth Jr., Junior is the son of Governor and Mrs. Wetworth and is snarky, selfish and unfriendly towards others. Although he isn't truly an evil nemesis to Allstar and the gang, he is definitely their foil. Often, Junior will learn a moral lesson regarding the error of his ways - at least for awhile.
Willie Wetworth Willie Wetworth

Willie Wetworth is Junior's baby brother. An infant, he's friends with Baby Smallstar. Willie has orange skin and a kind disposition and, in contrast to his brother, is well liked by the residents of Snorkland.
Dimmy Dimmy

Demitrius Finster aka Dimmy is the jokester of the Snorks gang. As well as being funny, Dimmy likes to eat and have a good time. Dimmy isn't all fun and games though - he is ready to fight when the time is right. Dimmy crushes on Daffney.
The Snork Doctor:
Dr. Gallio Seaworthy Dr. Gallio Seaworthy

Gallio is Allstar's uncle and scientific tutor and advisor. Allstar and his friends often visit Gallio when they have a problem that needs solving. He's purple skinned and has white hair. One of his brother's is Allstar's father, and the other is the evil Dr. Strangesnork.

Common alternate spelling of Dr. Gallio's name: Dr. Galeo, Dr. Galio, Dr. Galileo and Dr. Galleo.
The Snork Govenor:
Governor Wetworth and Mrs. Wetworth Governor Wetworth and Mrs. Wetworth

The Governor is the political leader of Snorktown and is a wealthy landowner. His wife, Mrs. Wetworth, is mother to Junior and Willie Wetworth.
JoJo JoJo

JoJo is the Snork Tarzan. His skin is tan colored - and he has two snorks! He lives (and was raised) in the wild, can communicate with all the beings of the sea and just like Tarzan he's very strong - although his grammar is very poor!
Corky Corky

Corky is the lawman in Snorkland. A dedicated, hardworking policeman, Corky is a proud Snork Patrol Officer. Corky is orange-skinned and well liked by all.
Esky Esky

Esky lives in the Snork Pole. He is his village's fastest Snork, and wears winter clothing like the other inhabitants of his area.
Mrs. Seabottom Mrs. Seabottom

Mrs. Seabottom is the Snorks' schoolteacher! Mrs. Seabottom wears glasses and has yellow skin. She puts her students into a bus and takes Allstar and the gang on field trips.
Mr. Seaworthy Mr. Seaworthy

Mr. Seaworthy has yellow skin and a thick mustache. He's Smallstar and Allstar's dad and all around good father.
Mrs. Seaworthy Mrs. Seaworthy

Mrs. Seaworthy is Allstar and Smallstar's mother has yellow skin and a thick, red lipstick on her lips. She also wears glasses, and speaks with a Minnesota / Wisconsin accent.
Baby SmallStar Seaworthy Baby SmallStar Seaworthy

Smallstar is Allstar's yellow-skinned baby sister. Smallstar is very young and is friends with Willie Wetworth.
Auntie Marina Auntie Marina

Daffney's aunt! She's a singer and loves to perform. Her show-business orientation has influenced Daffney's love of the theatrical. She has light pink skin and red hair.
King Neptune King Neptune

King Neptune is the Ruler of the Seven Seas. He uses a golden conch shell to ensure the tides turn. King Neptune is very powerful - he can even banish Snork Eaters!
The Snork Robots:
Snip & Snap Snip & Snap

Snip and Snap are robotic Snorks created by Bigweed to discredit Corky. Snip is male, and Snap is female. The pair did succeed in framing Corky, but they eventually had a change of heart and turned away from their evil creator to join the friendly Snorks of Snorktown.
Snork Eater Eater Snork Eater Eater

Snork Eater Eaters are little fish with a big appetite! These little tiny fish can make themselves much, much bigger when they fully open their mouths - to eat Snork Eaters! They can come to the rescue when the Snorks are in trouble.
The Snork Villains:
Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed

The two main bad guys in The Snorks. Lil' Seaweed is younger than Bigweed, and attends school with AllStar. The 'weeds are mean, green, and can magically impersonate any Snork on command!
Dr. Strangesnork Dr. Strangesnork

Dr. Strangesnork is Dr. Gallio's evil twin brother. He has purple skin and white hair with a black streak that looks like a lightning bolt. He hatches schemes to take over Snorkland. Dr. Strangesnork would be a lot more dangerous than he actually is if he were not so pathologically forgetful - he sometimes forgets what he's doing, or even who he is, mid-sentence.
Finneus Finneus

Finneus is an orange and black striped catfish who is Dr. Strangesnork's partner in crime. Finneus helps the forgetful Dr. Strangesnork remember what he is doing and is thus a very important assistant to Dr. Strangesnork. Although he is small, Finneus is intelligent and resourceful - without Finneus, Dr. Strangesnork's evil plans would never even get started! Dr. Strangesnork has had Finneus by his side since childhood.
The Great Snork Nork The Great Snork Nork

The Great Snork Nork is the Snork Dracula! He sleeps upside down, has fangs, hates sunlight, and has magical abilities too (he can throw lightning bolts from his hands). The Great Snork Nork's snork is on the front of his head (not the top), and he's purple in color. He wants to take over Snorktown, and is supported by two helpers, two miniature versions of himself (although they lack magical abilities).
Snork Eater Snorkeater

The Snork Eaters are huge red badguys led by the biggest of them all, Spike the Snorkeater. The only thing the monster Snorkeaters fear are little tiny fish with huge mouths called Snorkeater Eaters!
Slugwart the Salt Master Slugwart the Salt Master

Slugwart the Salt Master is an evil green sea creature who attempts to control the entire sea salt industry, from production to inventory. He is the robber baron of Snorkland! Slugwart is protected by two blowfish bodyguards.

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