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Rainbow Brite Sprites


Rainbow Brite Sprites

Sprites are spectacular! Rainbow Sprites mine Color Crystals from the Color Caves to process them into Star Sprinkles. They speak their own language, one which Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids comprehend. Rainbow Sprites have stars on their antennas and match the color of the Color Kid they team up with. Enjoy the Sprite character list and read all about Sprite collectibles too!

List of Rainbow Brite Sprites:
Spark Sprite Spark Sprite

Color Assignment: Yellow.
Spark Sprite, along with Color Kid Canary Yellow, is charged with helping maintain yellow in the rainbow of color.
Romeo Sprite Romeo Sprite

Color Assignment: Red.
Red Butler and Romeo team up to maintain the color red throughout the world.
IQ Sprite IQ Sprite

Color Assignment: Violet.
Along with Shy Violet, IQ helps sustain violet throughout the planet.
Champ Sprite Champ Sprite

Color Assignment: Blue.
Champ Sprite is true blue! Along with Buddy Blue, they manage the color blue!
Hammy Sprite Hammy Sprite

Color Assignment: Indigo.
Indigo Color Kid and Hammy make sure indigo is everywhere it needs to be.
Lucky Sprite Lucky Sprite

Color Assignment: Green. Lucky Sprite and Patty O'Green aren't green with envy - they're in charge of their favorite color, green!
OJ Sprite OJ Sprite

Color Assignment: Orange.
Color Kid Lala Orange and OJ Sprite take care of all things orange.
Nite Sprite Nite Sprite

Color Assignment: Night Sky.
Color Kid Moonglow and Nite Sprite are in charge of the world's amazing and colorful starscapes and nightlights.
Twink Sprite Twink Sprite

Color Assignment: White.
Twink and Rainbow Brite help manage all the colors of the rainbow. Twink was originally red in color. After being thrown into The Pits by Murky Dismal, Twink was drained of all color and turned white.
Rainbow Brite SpritesSprites Collectibles:

There are so many wonderful different Sprites to collect! And they come in every color of the rainbow too! Of course you have to start with the cuddly plush Sprites. They start as small as 4 inches and go all the way up to 12 inches... and several sizes in-between!

Some Sprites came attached to the Rainbow Brite dolls or were paired with the boxed dolls, while others were sold separately.

Some Sprite dolls have hats and are known as Hatful Sprites. Others squeak when you shake them - they came from the Taco Bell kid's meal promotion.

They rarest plush Sprites to collect are called Baby Sprites. They came in clear-colored balls and wore diapers! These even had cute names like Itsy, Bitsy, Eensie and Teensie!

There are many other Sprite collectibles too... PVC Sprite Figures, Sprites that light-up when you pat their heads, Sprite T-shirts, and other unique things like Sprite Ear Muffs or a Sprite Toothpaste Topper... and so much more!

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