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Rainbow Brite Characters


Rainbow Brite Character List
Meet the colorful gang of Rainbow Brite and her helpers, The Color Kids. Teamed up with the Rainbow Sprites, the Color Kids are in charge of all of the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow Brite is the leader of the Color Kids, and she rides a talking, flying horse named Starlite. Rainbow Brite's foe is named Murky, who hates color and is determined to rid the world of it! With love, creativity and magic, Rainbow Brite brightens up the world and makes our lives more colorful!

Character List of Rainbow Brite, Sprites and The Color Kids:
Rainbow Brite Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite is a pretty and wonderful little girl who helped rescue the seven Color Kids - and they've been by her side ever since, spreading color throughout the land. Rainbow Brite has a flying, talking horse named Starlite. Before she became Rainbow Brite, she was known as Wisp!

Twink Sprite
Patty O Green Patty O Green

Patty O' Green may be a girl, but she's a tomboy at heart! Playful, jokey, and a prankster - she's good for a laugh, but sometimes the joke is on you! Patty is in charge of the color green.

Lucky Sprite
Red Butler Red Butler

Red Butler is passionate, brave and courageous. If danger is about, Red is on the case! He's in charge of the color red.

Romeo Sprite
Indigo Indigo

Indigo loves to sing, dance and entertain. Indigo is a natural performer and can help make the mood positive just by being there. Indigo is in charge of the color indigo.

Hammy Sprite
Canary Yellow Canary Yellow

Who's in charge of the color yellow for the whole world? Canary Yellow, that's who. Canary Yellow is laid back, happy-go-lucky Color Kid.

Spark Sprite
Buddy Blue Buddy Blue

Exercise and physical fitness is where it is at for Buddy Blue. Along with the Sprite Champ, they both take care of the color blue!

Champ Sprite
Lala Orange Lala Orange

Lala has a crush on Color Kid Red - but don't tell anyone! La La Orange, along with Sprite OJ are in charge of the world's orange color.

OJ Sprite
Shy Violet Shy Violet

Shy Violet is the handyman, inventor, genius, and fix-it person for the Color Kids. Incredibly intelligent and teamed up with a Sprite named IQ. In charge of the color violet.

IQ Sprite
Horse from Rainbow Brite:
Starlite Starlite

Starlite is a talking, flying horse that helps transport Rainbow Brite on her journeys. He is white and has a yellow star on his forehead. Starlite's mane and tail are both rainbow-colored. Starlite has a bit of an ego, and refers to himself as the the most magnificent horse in the universe!

Rainbow Brite's Horse
Rainbow Brite Villains:
Murky Murky

Murky's full name is Murky Dismal - or if you're being formal, Murkwell Dismal. Murky hates all color and wants to rid the universe of it. His mom caught him coloring on the walls as a child and after his punishment he has always hated color. Dedicates his time to either capturing Color Kids or attempting to steal Rainbow Brite's Color Belt. He also creates devices that release Gloom Clouds, which render the victim devoid of hope and bereft of color. His partner in crime is Lurky.
Lurky Lurky

Lurky is Murky's assistant, cohort, and sidekick. Lurky is fairly slow and dimwitted. When Lurky tries to help out, he usually messes things up for Murky, although that was not his intention! Even though he is committed to helping Murky commit his evil plans, sometimes a bit of goodness can shine through...not often though!
Rainbow Brite Sprites:
Rainbow Brite Sprites Rainbow Brite Sprites

More on Sprites here

The Rainbow Brite Sprites are little helpers (who look identical to one another, except for color) that assist the Color Kids. The Sprites are cute and adorable and can't help but brighten up every day, and bring a smile to your face! Each Color Kid has a Sprite that matches their color.

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