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Rainbow Brite Cereal


Rainbow Brite Cereal
Rainbow Brite cereal from the 1980s! Watch the old Rainbow Brite Cereal TV commercial and also take a look at pictures of the different Rainbow Brite cereal boxes. There were many different give-aways and cereal premiums... a free Rainbow Brite kite, super stylish 80s jewelry, stickers, nightshirt, cup & bowl and more!

Rainbow Brite Cereal Lyrics:

Fruit Flavor
Colorful Bites
Rainbow Brite!

In the commercial, Murky and Lurky spy on Rainbow Brite and discover her vibrant rainbow-shaped breakfast cereal. Murky even tries to stop Rainbow Brite from enjoying the fruity colorful cereal - with a Gloom Cloud! Will the power of color stop the two villains from ruining breakfast?

Rainbow Brite Cereal
Free Kite

Free Kite Offer. Fly the colors of the rainbow with Rainbow Brite! It's easy to assemble, it's fun and it's yours free. You've never seen anything like it because it's not available in stores. Be the first to fly this giant 6-foot-kite - only from Rainbow Brite. From 1984.

Free Kite Offer - with only two proof-of-purchase seals from packages of Rainbow Brite Cereal.
Rainbow Brite Cereal
Nightshirt / Cup & Bowl

Wake up to Rainbow Brite with your very own Rainbow Brite nightshirt or cup and bowl.

Now you can bring the magical world of Rainbow Brite to your breakfast table every morning with Rainbow Brite cereal. Send for your Rainbow Brite nightshirt, or cup and bowl today. Let Rainbow Brite color all your dreams happy and all your mornings bright. From 1984.
Rainbow Brite Cereal
Free Stick-Ons

Stick-Ons can brighten your days in many ways. Like Rainbow Brite, you can help color the world with the super-bright, quick-stick, easy-peel Stick-Ons inside this box.

You can stick a stick-on anywhere: on your face, arms, clothes, books, bikes or shoes - wherever you want more color to be. From 1984.
Rainbow Brite Cereal
Free Crazy Chain

If you want to be a real charmer, here's your chance! Put on a colorful Crazy Chain, loaded with snap-on charms you can use in a zillion ways. You can put the charms almost anywhere: in your hair, on your belt, notebook, shoelaces and zippers. The more charms you wear, the brighter you'll be - almost as colorful as Rainbow Brite herself! From 1984.

What is Rainbow Brite Cereal?
Rainbow Brite Cereal is a colorful fruit flavored cereal. It was made by Ralston, who were responsible for a lot of novelty and "of the moment" cereals in the 1980s. Rainbow Brite Cereal was popular but it was only made for a short time. Before the cereal disappeared from store shelves, there were many different styles of boxes made - five in all! One box featured a tie-in with the just released Rainbow Brite movie (you could get a poster in the mail!) and the toys and dolls themselves.

What did it taste like? Rainbow Brite Cereal tastes like Trix cereal, but with more "punch", and the colors are a lot more powerful. Like the TV show, this cereal was vibrant in taste and appearance. Rainbow Brite cereal pieces were shaped like rainbows.

List of Rainbow Brite Cereal Boxes:

  • Free Rainbow Brite Kite
  • Nightshirt / Cup & Bowl Offer
  • Free Stick-Ons
  • Free Crazy Chain
  • Free Rainbow Brite Movie Poster

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