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Rainbow Brite Episode Guide


Rainbow Brite Episode Guide

Rainbow Brite Cartoons on TV in the 1980s! Rainbow Brite is an animated series that was made from 1984 to 1986. The program was syndicated by DIC. Below is the complete Rainbow Brite Episode Guide (with descriptions for each show) and some old advertising for Rainbow Brite, The Get Along Gang, and Popples Cartoons... ahhh, Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Rainbow Brite Episode Guide:

Rainbow Brite TV Show: 1984 to 1986
1 Peril in the Pits: Rainbow Brite takes her new friend Brian to Rainbow Land.
2 The Mighty Monstromurk Menace [Part One] : Murky gets help from a genie called the Monstromurk and kidnaps Rainbow Brite!
3 The Mighty Monstromurk Menace [Part Two] : Red Butler and Brian attempt to rescue Rainbow Brite, who is trapped in the genie's bottle - will they be able to defeat Monstromurk?
4 The Beginning of Rainbowland [Part One] : Wisp is whisked away to the colorless world to save it by finding each of the world's colors.
5 The Beginning of Rainbowland [Part Two] : The Color Kids must be rescued in Wisp's quest to bring color to the land.
6 Invasion of Rainbowland: The friendly alien Wajah crash-lands in Rainbowland and the Color Kids offer to repair his spaceship - but any Color Kid who gets near Wajah loses his colors!
7 Mom: Murky tries to impress his mother by pretending to be in charge of the Color Castle when Murky's mom visits Rainbowland.
8 Rainbow Night: Murky and Lurky kidnap Moonglo to prevent her from making the beautiful nighttime sky - will she be able to get free?
9 Star Sprinkled: Traveling salesman Plock trades Magic Color Crystal Seeds with Twink in exchange for the Color Cave - will Plock's greedy trade plunge the world into a dark gloom?
10 Chasing Rainbows: A Rainbow Brite robot created by Murky tricks Rainbowland into bringing their Star Sprinkles to the Pits!
11 Murky's Comet: Can Rainbow Brite save Rainbowland from a comet made by Sorrell the Sorcerer?
12 A Horse of a Different Color: Murky and Lurky kidnap On-X and Starlite - and attempt to take over Rainbowland!
13 The Queen of the Sprites: The evil Princess Spectra arrives in Rainbowland - and claims to be Queen of the Sprites in order to steak the Color Crystals!
Rainbow Brite TV Show Ads from the 1980s:
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Rainbow Brite Cartoons Ad

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