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Bloom County Characters


Bloom County Characters List

The gang in Bloom County are an electic bunch. Three little boys, a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair, a granola eating hippie, a talking cockroach, penguin and other critters, and a cat that is about one whisker away from using up all of his nine lives ...yes, they are all different, but Bloom County unites them. Together, they make the world of Bloom County whir and hum and explode. So who are they, and what do they look like? Read on!

List of Bloom County Characters:

Opus the Penguin Opus the Penguin

Opus the Penguin is a penguin with a very large nose. He usually wears a collar and bow tie. Throughout his adventures in Bloom County, Opus has: run for president, lost his behind, had a nose job, and searched for his mother. Opus' long-lost mother is a running theme throughout the strip, and Opus has even been forced to call 1-900 phone numbers to talk to virtual moms. Opus has a weakness for late night infomercials. Opus arrived in Bloom County as a dog. He wasn't really a dog - Binkley thought he was though, and brought Opus into the county as a pet.
Bill the Cat Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat, more formerly known as Bill D. Cat, is the anti-Garfield. He's thin instead of fat, his hair is spiky and unkempt, he isn't cute at all, and he can't even talk (he does manage "ack!" and "thbbft!" though). Bill is generally in a catatonic state throughout most of his life, but does appear quite productive. He's managed to repeatedly run for president, get deported to the USSR, date Jeane Kirkpatrick, and become a television preacher.
Steve Dallas Steve Dallas

Steve Dallas is the lawyer in Bloom County. Steve does not burden himself with moral responsibilities, which helps in his lawerly duties. He has represented some of the most undesirable elements of Bloom County (notably a murderess who the presiding judge sent to live with Steve while she was out on bail - the only case he's ever won). Steve has black parted hair, Tom Cruise style 1980s Ray Ban sunglasses, and usually smokes cigarettes. Steve is a bachelor that has bad luck with women, perhaps due to the fact that he is a selfish misogynistic male chauvinist pig. Opus, for his own reasons, keeps Steve in high regard.
Michael Binkley Michael Binkley
Michael Binkley, better known simply as Binkley, is a 10 year old little boy who lives with his father Tom (who he often wakes up in the middle of the night to discuss various inane topics - like celebrity gossip). According to Opus, Binkley looks like a carrot (Binkley has orange hair). Binkley is best friends with Milo Bloom. Binkley is not particularly manly, to the chagrin of his father, and enjoys refined things like ballet.
Milo Bloom Milo Bloom
Milo Bloom is best friends with Binkley (and his classmate), in addition to being a reporter for the Bloom Picayune. Milo is not above sensationalistic reporting, and often harangues politicians (famously including the often inebriated Senator Bedfellow). Milo has blond hair.
Lola Granola Lola Granola

Lola Granola is an experimental artist. Lola is easily swayed by pop culture trends, often adopting new religions or lifestyles on a whim. She has been a Dead-Head, Radical Islamist, Amish Nudist and a vegetarian. She dated Opus the Penguin for a period of time, during which they never consummated their relationship. They were to marry, but tragedy struck at the wedding during their first kiss, when Opus' huge nose collided with Lola's and knocked him unconscious. The wedding was then called off due to nose-incompatibility.
Cutter John Cutter John

Cutter John is a Vietnam war veteran who is confined to a wheelchair. In 1969, John was injured in Quang-Tri Vietnam by a booby-trapped tunnel. Amiable and well-liked, John is popular with women and is particularly close with school teacher Bobbi Harlow. Despite his wheelchair, Cutter John has had some amazing adventures. He has (with Oliver Jones' help) attached balloons to his wheelchair to fly across the Atlantic, been captured by the Soviet Union as a spy, and gone on adventures with his animal friends on the wheelchair-cum-starship Enterpoop.
Oliver Wendell Jones Oliver Wendell Jones

Oliver Wendell Jones is a black little boy who is skilled at using computers, particularly his trusty Banana Jr. 6000. Oliver can't help but use his talents to do the occasional bit of hacking, including changing headlines at newspapers ("Gorbachev Sings Tractors: Turnip! Buttocks!"), hacking NASA and the IRS, and causing general shenanigans. Oliver's prowess extends to chemistry as well, when he invented a Scalp Tonic baldness cure from Bill the Cat's sweat that eventually became a controlled substance. Somehow, Oliver manages to mitigate the trouble he causes - although he did end up framing Steve Dallas for the IRS break in. Oliver sometimes dresses as a pirate when he engages in computer intrusion.
Oliver's Dad Oliver's Dad

Oliver's Dad is a good father to Oliver. He's patient and forgiving, but he's not above corporal punishment when the situation demands it (for example, when Oliver caused the stock market to crash and destroyed western civilization). Although he generally frowns upon his son's unauthorized use of computers (ie, Oliver sending his dad a multi-million dollar refund check from the IRS), he is often quite bemused by Oliver's playful and humorous use of technology.
Tom Binkley Tom Binkley

Tom Binkley is Binkley's father. Binkley's major interaction with his dad occurs when Binkley wakes Tom up in the middle of the night, in the cold of sleep. Binkley then goes on to pose inane questions, often with an ultra-serious tone. Usually the topics involved are related to gossip or extremely trivial matters. Tom is often shown in his pajamas.
Rosebud Rosebud the Basselope

Rosebud is a a cross between an antelope and a basset hound - a basselope. A female, Rosebud had an intimate relationship with Hodge-Podge the rabbit which resulted in her pregnancy. When the military became aware of Rosebud, they fashioned her into a silly weapon in one particularly funny Sunday strip. Rosebud is the last basselope in the world, the rest having succumbed to clogged arteries after putting too much butter on their Pop Tarts.
Portnoy the Groundhog Portnoy

Portnoy is a groundhog. His best friend is Hodge-Podge, who often has to cover Portnoy's mouth after he says something outrageous or offensive. During the Fundamentally Oral Bill strips (where Bill the Cat became a TV preacher), Portnoy shamefully had Opus run out of town for "penguin-lust". Portnoy is usally malcontent, loud and obnoxious.
Milquetoast the Cockroach Milquetoast

Milquetoast is a purple cockroach with a large nose. Milquetoast is a troublemaker, and he often whispers inane or insane things into people's ears while they sleep, in an attempt to influence their behavior when they awake. Milquetoast is a thief, and attempts to steal food to eat (even things like bananas). In his trouble making exploits, Milquetoast will often do silly and mean things to Opus (his nemesis) for no reason at all.
Hodge-Podge the Rabbit Hodge-Podge the Rabbit

Hodge-Podge the jackrabbit is best friends with Cutter John and Portnoy. He is extremely fanatical about his beliefs, although he often has no basis in fact for them. A tiff occurred between Portnoy and Hodge-Podge when it was revealed with Portnoy was a groundhog, because Hodge-Podge did not associate with "pigs"...the two have since made up.

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