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Bloom County Billy and the Boingers


Bloom Billy and the Boingers

Bloom County Billy and the Boingers Record Billy and the Boingers Record

Billy and the Boingers (originally known as Deathtöngue) is the fictional heavy metal group from Bloom County. They are featured prominently in the book Billy and the Boingers Bootleg.

The Billy and the Boingers Record came inside the book of the same name. It really is a square record! The two featured songs are:
  • I'm a Boinger - The song was written by Steve Dallas and played by the Harry Pitts Band
  • U-Stink-But-I-?-U - The song was written by Bill the Cat and played by the band Mucky Pup.
Billy and the Boingers T-Shirts:
Billy and the Boingers T-Shirt
Billy and the Boingers:
World Tour T-Shirt

All good rock concert tours should have a good t-shirt. But what if you only make it to Albuquerque, New Mexico? Billy and the Boingers official tour t-shirt features everywhere the Boingers toured - but mostly didn't. (c) 1987 The Washington Post Writers Group.
Billy and the Boingers T-Shirt
Billy and the Boingers:
World Tour T-Shirt - Backside

All of the cities on the Boingers World Tour are listed on the back of this Billy and the Boingers concert t-shirt. Unfortunately, every place was canceled except for Albuquerque, NM - but at least that sold out! (Albuquerque knows how to rock hard).

Check out the Bloom County book, Billy and The Boingers Bootleg for more.

Billy and the Boingers MP3

I'm a Boinger mp3

U-Stink-But-I-Love-U mp3
I'm a Boinger Song Lyrics:
(S. Dallas)

A bird on the bass
A tongue, what a face!
At best, the music could be described as lame

Sure we look disgusting
But whose chops are we busting
In a year, maybe two, we'll seem tame

And three years down the track
We'll be a Las Vegas lounge act
We'll be back
We'll be back, 'cus we're the Boingers

Jimmy dropped his pants
And Ozzy dines on bats
And Hendrix played guitars with his teeth

The Deadheads got their Jerry
And Mom's got her Barry
And Ronnie listens to guys like Falwell and Meese

But if you don't know by now
Bill bit the head off a cow
That's no lie
That's no lie, 'cus we're the Boingers

Was Bowie ever a fairy?
Was Debbie ever Harry?
Was Elvis ever the King? let's not be reflective

Does Barbra wish she was a goy?
Is George really a boy?
Is Filthy ever Divine? - It's all subjective

Answers to all this
Lie with their psychoanalysts
Just relax
Just relax
I can't relax!
I can't relax, 'cus I'm a boinger!

U-Stink-But-I-?-You Lyrics:
(B. Catt)

I hate the way you act
And I hate the way you smell
I hate the way you look, girl,
'Cus you just look like hell

You make me sick! Way-oh, Way-oh, Way-oh
You make me sick! You really stink, girl
You make me sick! Way-oh, Way-oh, Way-oh
You make me sick!
(Tuba Solo)
... But I luuuuv you

I hate your polyester pantsuits
And your greasy hair,
And that stuff between your braces
And your hairy derriere

(Guitar Solo)

When I got you in my backseat
And I tired to make my move
I had to roll down all the windows
To keep my face from turning blue

(Tuba Solo)

Meet Deathtöngue:
Deathtongue Bloom County
Deathtöngue / Billy and the Boingers are:

Steve Dallas - Guitars, Lead Vocalizin' & Socializin'

Wild Bill Cat - Tongue Twanglin' and Head Bangin'

Opus Croakus - 'Lectric Tuba, Mouth Harps & Sweethearts

Hodge-Podge - Skins, Squints & Creme Rinse

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