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Ziggy's Gift DVD

Ziggy DVD Ziggy DVD: Ziggy's Gift

Ziggy is always down on his luck - but he doesn't let him get him down! Surrounded by his pets, Ziggy's good nature always pulls him through. This animated version of Ziggy was so popular and so successful it won an Emmy. The voice cast includes Tony Giorgio, Linda Harmon, Tom McGreevey and Frank Welker.

Ziggy's Gift: Ziggy DVD Review

Ziggy has made it to the small screen! An appropriate place for the diminutive hero of the titular comic strip. Tom Wilson's Ziggy is masterfully brought to life for this amazing award-winning Christmas spectacular. This is is the first time Ziggy has been animated, and the results are amazing.

Ziggy's gift tells the story of Ziggy, along with his loyal dog Fuzz, embarking upon a career as a sidewalk Santa. The gentle, kind and warm persona of Ziggy shines through, as Ziggy encounters thieving Santas, suspicious police officers, and plain-old crooks. Ziggy retains his equanimity throughout, all in the name of the Spirit of Christmas - raising alms. The story ends with Ziggy (and two other "wise men") delivering cheer to an orphanage, which a Christmas Star appears above.

The voice acting on this DVD is a treat for animation fans. This animated tale from 1982 features classic actors in their prime, like Tony Giorgio from the Godfather films. Ziggy of course doesn't speak, but that adds to his subtle charm. The sounds of the Christmas season really come alive on this Ziggy DVD, and there is some nice seasonal music as well.

Ziggy DVD extras? Yes indeed! Ziggy's Gift is packed with extras, including classic Christmas Ziggy comic strips, Ziggy animated film shorts, "Ziggy Meets the Masters", and an informative interview with Ziggy's creator, Tom Wilson. The disc also includes a Spanish audio track.

Ziggy is perfect for the holidays. Grab this DVD, snuggle up, and enjoy some real holiday cheer with Ziggy's gift - there's a reason this DVD won an Emmy Award.

Ziggy DVD Trivia: The director of Ziggy's Gift, Canadian Richard Williams, directed another animated Christmas movie - the 1971 critically acclaimed cult-classic "A Christmas Carol".

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