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Ziggy Characters


Ziggy Characters List
Although it may not look like it to outsiders, Ziggy lives a very full life - because he is constantly surrounded by his amazing animal friends. Whether it's the talkative Josh the Parrot or his loyal dog Fuzz, Ziggy always has a friend when he has an animal by his side.

List of Ziggy Characters:

Ziggy Ziggy

Ziggy is a wide-eyed optimist who always looks for the silver lining in a storm cloud. No matter what obstacles life throws at him, Ziggy always has the right attitude to overcome it all. Ziggy keeps himself busy with his animal friends and tries not to let the little things bog him down.
Fuzz the Dog Fuzz the Dog

Fuzz is Ziggy's loyal dog and companion. Whenever Ziggy needs a friend, Fuzz is there for him. Fuzz is very aware of what is going on around him, and his cognizance often makes him look bemused or bewildered.
Josh the Parrot Josh the Parrot

Don't let Josh near the phone! Ziggy gets into all sorts of trouble when people overhear Josh on the telephone. Unlike Ziggy, Josh is outspoken on the issues that affect him - and when people hear the opinionated Josh over the phone, it is Ziggy who gets comeuppance for his remarks!
Sid the Cat Sid the Cat

Sid is actually a girl! It took Ziggy awhile to figure that out - although the basket of kittens she delivered cleared things up. Sid seems to have an active nightlife, based on how she looks in the morning. Sid the cat is scared of mice!
Wack the Duck Wack the Duck

Wack is an incredibly cute duck that makes a "wack" sound (that's how he got his name). The story of how Ziggy met Wack is quite cute: one day, as Ziggy was walking along, a man on a streetcorner asked "Want to buy a duck?" Of course, we all know what the answer was!
Goldie Goldfish Goldie Goldfish

Goldie may be small but she can still be feisty! Goldie is Ziggy's adorable little goldfish. Her bowl may be small but she still has big adventures. Despite her size Goldie makes sure her voice is heard!

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