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Shirt Tales Figures


Shirt Tales Figurines

Adorable Shirt Tales Figurines! Collect the all the figures from Shirt Tales... Pammy Panda, Rick Raccoon, Tyg Tiger, Digger Mole, and Bogey Orangutan! Each Shirt Tales animal wears a colorful t-shirt with their name on the front or a shirt with a cute expression on it! See the pictures and the Shirt Tales Figures Checklist below.

Shirt Tales Figures:
Pammy Panda Figure
Pammy Panda Figure

Pammy wears a bow in her hair and a pink shirt with her name on it.
Tyg Tiger Figure
Tyg Tiger Figure

Tyg lifts a weight and wears a red shirt with his name on it.
Rick Raccoon Figure
Rick Raccoon Figure

Rick wears a yellow shirt with his name in red lettering.
Digger Mole Figure
Digger Mole Figure

Digger waves and wears a blue shirt with his name on the front.
Bogey Orangutan Figure
Bogey Figure

Bogey eats a banana and wears a green shirt that says, "Funny Face".
Pammy Panda Figure
Pammy Panda
Cute Stuff
Tyg Tiger Figure
Tyg Tiger
World's Greatest
Rick Raccoon Figure
Rick Raccoon
Digger Mole Figure
Digger Mole
Fun Lover
Bogey Orangutan Figure
Bogey Monkey Figure

Shirt Tales Figure
Shirt Tales Figure Card
This is the original package for the Shirt Tales Figure. It is a card with a blister bubble for the Shirt Tales figure to hang out. Made by LJN from Hallmark Cards Inc. (c) 1981.
Shirt Tales Figurines Checklist:

The collection of Shirt Tales Figures from the 1980s cartoon include the original gang: Rick, Tyg, Pammy, Digger and Bogey.
  • Tyg Tiger (#1701)
    Tyg / World's Greatest / Champ
  • Rick Raccoon (#1702)
    Rick / Superstar / Wild 'n Crazy
  • Pammy Panda (#1703)
    Pammy / Cute Stuff / Loveable
  • Digger Mole (#1704)
    Digger / Fun Lover
  • Bogey Orangutan (#1705)
    Bogey / Funny Face

The different Shirt Tales animals have various writing on their shirts. The shirt either states their name or has a cute expression on it.

Shirt Tales Figure Marking
Shirt Tales Figure Marking
This stamp or marking appears on all Shirt Tales figures. It reads, "(c) 1981 HCI - LJN Toys Ltd". The HCI stands for Hallmark Cards Inc. Some Shirt Tales figures are also stamped 1982.

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