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Shirt Tales Characters


Shirt Tales Characters List

The Shirt Tales are ready for action - it's Shirt Tales Time gang! Tyg, Kip, Rick, Pammy, Bogey and Digger are the Shirt Tales. When it's Shirt Tales Time, their t-shirts make them super powered. Their T-shirts also spell out messages or display symbols showing what feeling or emotions they experience.

List of characters from The Shirt Tales Cartoon:
Tyg Tiger Tyg Tiger

Tyg Tiger is the strong tiger from the Shirt Tales cartoon. Tyg (pronounced "Tieguh") speaks with a New York accent and says the word "like" a lot - he has a bit of a beatnik quality to his voice. Tyg is fun-loving and playful, curious, and an all around nice guy. When times are tough, Tyg says "It's Shirt Tales Time!" and they all fall into action.
Pammy Panda Pammy Panda

Pammy Panda is the voice of reason within the Shirt Tales, and often lends a hand by thinking things through with the rest of the Shirt Tales to come up with the best course of action. Pammy has a cute bow in her hair and wears a frilly t-shirt.
Bogey Orangutan Bogey Orangutan

Bogey, the wild-haired orangutan from Shirt Tales. Bogey is an adorable monkey who specializes in swinging (and one-liners). He speaks in Humphrey Bogart's voice and uses versions of Bogart's movie catch-phrases (such as the ubiquitous "sweetheart"). Bogey often attempts to do things the easy way, but when the situation demands it he's the first into the fray.
Digger Mole Digger Mole

Digger is a cute and lovable little mole who speaks in a higher-pitched variation of the cartoon Droopy Dog's voice. Digger dresses in a baggy shirt. Digger is sometimes a little reticent and discouraged, but he knows how to dig dig dig! When Digger starts digging you better watch out - he's fast!
Rick Raccoon Rick Raccoon

Rick is the raccoon who knows how to solve a mystery! Rick is inquisitive and often finds clues that help the Shirt Tales on their journeys, and always knows when to ask the right question at the right time.
Kip Kangaroo Kip Kangaroo

Kip was the last to join the Shirt Tales, but she's just as much a part of the gang as any of them! Kip may be tiny, but as a kangaroo, she sure packs a punch!
Shirt Tales Park Ranger
Mr. Dinkel Mr. Dinkel

Mr. Dinkel is the Park Ranger of Oak Tree Park, where the Shirt Tales reside. It seems that somehow Mr. Dinkle always ends up involved in the Shirt Tales adventures... whether he wants to or not!
Tyg's Little Nephew
TJ Tiger TJ Tiger

Tyg's nephew TJ is young and small... and fast! TJ is so fast that he literally leaves a wake as he speeds around, creating mini-tornadoes as he moves. TJ is a bit of a clumsy troublemaker. Kip Kangaroo thinks TJ is cute. TJ is an honorary Shirt Tales member.

Physical Appearance: An orange tiger with black stripes and a t-shirt, just like his Uncle Tyg.
Shirt Tales' SuperSonic Transport
Shirt Tales SuperSonic Transport
Shirt Tales' SuperSonic Transport
When the Shirt Tales need to get into action and save someone, they use the Shirt Tales' SuperSonic Transport to fly wherever they need to be - fast. This high-tech supersonic jet is also referred to as the STSST.
Shirt Tales Wrist Watch Communicator
Shirt Tales Communicator
Shirt Tales Wrist Watch Communicator
The Shirt Tales Wrist Watch Communicator is the ultimate watch, walkie-talkie and cell phone - it even has a holographic projection! When the Shirt Tales need to contact one another from a distance, they use this special watch.
Shirt Tales Trouble Sensor
Shirt Tales Trouble Sensor
Shirt Tales Trouble Sensor
The Shirt Tales Trouble Sensor alerts the Shirt Tales to trouble - whether escaped convicts or less serious warnings, the Trouble Sensor is always on alert!

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