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Shirt Tales Episode Guide


Shirt Tales Episode Guide

Shirt Tales Animated GIF Shirt Tales Episode Guide

It's Shirt Tales Time! The Shirt Tales animated series ran for two seasons on NBC - from 1982 to 1984. This complete Shirt Tales episode guide lists each Shirt Tales cartoon episode, along with descriptions too!

The Saturday morning cartoon, Shirt Tales, premiered on September 18, 1982 on NBC.
SHIRT TALES: Season One - 1982 / 1983
1 The Case of the Golden Armor Crumpling's Circus Caper
2 Shirt Napped Game Masters
3 Elephant on the Loose The Big Foot Incident
4 Horsin' Around The Humbolt Ghost
5 Mission Mutt Vacation for Dinkel
6 Digger Runs Away: Digger leaves Oak Tree Park and runs away when he feels like he's no good. Luckily, the rest of the Shirt Tales gang goes after him! Wingman: The Wingman trains birds to steal - and only the Shirt Tales can stop him!
7 Figby the Spoiled Cat The Commissioner is Missing: The criminal Mastermind escapes prison and kidnaps the Commissioner. The Shirt Tales are on the case!
8 The Terrible Termites Raiders of the Lost Shark
9 Moving Time Back to Nature
10 Save the Park: The park is to be torn down - unless the Shirt Tales can make a stand to save it. Pam-Dora's Box: A boy Panda at the zoo is a potential suitor for Pammy - until she learns that the panda is a robot designed for theft!
11 Hapless Hound The Nearsighted Bear
12 The Magical Musical Caper The Very Buried Treasure
13 Dinkel's Ark The Duke of Dinkel
SHIRT TALES: Season Two - 1983 / 1984
1 Bogey Goes Ape: Bogey's favorite movie star, Tanya Orangutang, is in town - but will someone steal her emerald necklace? Digger's Three Wishes: Digger gets three wishes from a genie - will they be more trouble than they're worth?
2 The Rain, the Park and the Robot: Pammy introduces her brand new robot, Marv. Digger's Double: Digger's Aunt Millie Mole is poorly, so Digger leaves to visit her - will a Digger Doppelganger infiltrate the Shirt Tales in his absense?
3 Kip's Dragon: Kip discovers a real life dragon named Sparky and helps teach him how to act like one! Taj Mahal Tyg: The Shirt Tales visit India and the Taj Mahal.
4 Double Exposure: Pammy's new camera arrives - but when she accidently exchanges it with a thief's, will Pammy be left exposed? The Outer Space Connection: Pammy, Bogey and Dinkel launch themselves into outer space on a rocket!
5 Brass Bogey: Tyg takes the gang on a surprise trip to China! The Forbidden Island: A parrot from the island of Mora Mora needs help for partner Jungle Jones - who has been kidnapped by the fire god of the volcano.
6 TJ's Visit: Tyg's nephew T.J. visits - and becomes an honorary Shirt Tale! Pleasure Valley: The Shirt Tales crash land in Pleasure Valley - will they become unwitting drone workers?
7 Saturday Night Shirt Tales: Mr. Dinkel is invited to Bosco's, the New Wave disco - will the evil theiving Disc Jockey spoil his fun? Kip's Toy Caper: Kip does some window "hopping" at a toy store - and all the toys were stolen the night before! Can Bogey and Kip crack the case?
8 Dinkel's Buddy: Dinkel and the Shirt Tales travel to Egypt to help Dinkels' missing friend Stang. The Big Set-Up: The Shirt Tales try to spice up Mr. Dinkel's life when he falls in a funk.
9 The Ghost Out West: The Shirt Tales vacation in a ghost town! Dinkel's Gift: What will the Shirt Tales give Dinkel for his birthday - will they remember?
10 Mayhem on the Orient Express: A thief wants to steal the engine of the Orient Express - unless the Shirt Tales can put the brakes on the theft! The Cuckoo Count Caper: An evil count wants to use the Shirt Tales in his critter clock.

Shirt Tales Voice Actors:

  • Rick Raccoon - Ronnie Schnell
  • Pammy Panda - Pat Parris
  • Digger Mole - Allan Ogle
  • Tyg Tiger - Steve Schatzberg
  • Bogey Orangutan - Fred Travelena
  • Mr. Dinkle - Herb Vigran
  • Kip Kangaroo - Nancy Cartwright (Did you know that she is also the voice of Bart Simpson? It's true!)

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