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Popeye Video Game


Popeye Video Game

Popeye is the world's first videogame based on a cartoon license. Thanks to Popeye the arcade game, the idea of all modern licensed videogames became a reality.

In 1982, Popeye the arcade game was released to great acclaim. The game was popular not only because it featured the familiar Popeye characters, it was popular because it was a really, really good arcade game. In an era where some games still went "blip" and "bloop", Popeye featured a delightful musical score, great sound effects, and great graphics. Adding to that is the fact that the game was well designed - the levels were well thought out and genuinely fun to play. Even in the modern era of videogames, Popeye still holds its own - it's simply delightful, regardless of its age.

So what's the story? There are three levels to the Popeye video game: Dock, Street, and Ship. Level 1, the Dock level, is the one where you catch Olive Oyl's falling hearts. The second level, Street Level, is where you capture the falling musical notes. Level three is the Ship level, where you must capture Olive's falling letters that spell out "H-E-L-P". In all three levels, Popeye must catch the items that are falling from above or he loses a life. All the while you have to avoid Bluto and the Sea Hag - and the bottles they throw. Spinach, which moves around the screen, can temporarily stop the baddies from harming you (and you get to hear the Popeye theme song too!)

Popeye the arcade game

Popeye the arcade game - Level 1, Dock Stage
Dock Stage
Popeye the arcade game - Level 2, Street Stage
Street Stage
Popeye the arcade game - Level 3, Ship Stage
Ship Stage

The home version of Popeye was released in 1983 by Parker Brothers for practically every platform in existence, including ColecoVision, Atari, TI-99/4A, and Intellivision.

Namco Popeye Bonus Level - Sleepwalking Olive OylConstruction Stage - The game has proven so popular over the decades that a 2008 update was released by Namco Networks for mobile phones. It includes a bonus level with a sleepwalking Olive Oyl, which is a tribute to one of the more famous Popeye cartoons. In this exclusive Namco level, you have to catch Olive's falling "Z"s as Olive sleepwalks on a construction site.

Don't believe how amazing Popeye the videogame is? Well, don't listen to us, take it from the man himself:

Popeye the arcade game two page advertisement

You thinks it's all fun and games being the woild's most famousk sailor? Then, I suggests you tries it yerself.

You try makin points with Olive Oyl, that fickle, damanding, stringbean of a dame. Likes you got nothin better to do than runnin around trying to catch her hearts and notes. You try bein chased around by that fat swab Brutusk, without hardly a chance to catch yer breath. And I'll tells ya, that big blubber ball ain't as slow or as dumb as he looks. You try doin all that whist yer gettin pelted with bottles from behind by that discustipatin Sea Hag. She ain't no lady, that's fer sure. And you try fightin off the vultures whilst Olive screams for H-E-L-P. And you try to keep from gettin killed by them bouncin skulls. I doesn't knows where they comes from, but I doesn't like 'em one bit. And woist of all, whilst you're doin all this, they keeps movin the spinach around so's you can never finds it when you needs it. Blow me down, it ain't hardly fair.

I'll tell ya, ya gotsta be some kind of sailor to play Popeye. You gotta be fast. And ya gotsta thrive under pressure. Cuz, me home video game is just like the hit arcade game by Nintendo... With three screens of non-stop action and incredulous graphics.

So if it's a challenge yer lookin' for, and ya thinks ya gots what it takes, why be messin around with them other silly games. Do what I does every day. Play Popeye from Parker Brothers. Just one piece of advice. I don't suggest ya tries it if ya eats yer spinach in a quiche.

Popeye Trivia: Did you know that Nintendo's Donkey Kong was originally a Popeye game? According to rumors, Popeye was Mario, Olive Oyl was Pauline (the damsel in distress), and Bluto was Donkey Kong. Licensing terms between Nintendo and King Features apparently couldn't be worked out, so Popeye was "out" and Mario was "in", and the rest is history.

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