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Popeye Characters


Popeye Characters List
Popeye is a tough, hard fightin' sailor with a heart of gold. By his side is Olive Oyl, his fickle girlfriend who needs to be saved by Popeye on a regular basis. Bluto is Popeye's foil, business competitor, sometimes partner, and challenger for Olive's affection. Rounding out the cast is the baby Swee' Pea, Popeye's father Pappy, and even a magic dog, Eugene the Jeep! Just watch out for the Sea Hag and Alice the Goon, the two scariest wenches of the sea!

List of Popeye Characters:

Popeye Popeye

Popeye is a kind and loyal boyfriend to Olive Oyl, and sometimes surrogate father to Swee' Pea. Popeye eats spinach to gain super-strength. Yes, Popeye certainly knows how to throw a punch or two. But he only starts fighting when he's pushed too far. Popeye will often say "that's all I can stands and I can't stands no more!" before he is forced to fight. After Popeye eats spinach, his enemies do not stand a chance. Popeye has thinning hair, a squinty eye, and huge forearms.
Olive Oyl Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl is Popeye's sometime girlfriend. As well, she often hires Popeye and Bluto to do jobs for her, such as move furniture. Although she is quite smitten with Popeye, she is often quite disloyal, showing affection for Bluto - up until the point Bluto acts like a cad and Popeye must step in to set things straight. Olive Oyl is very skinny and has quite a shrill voice.
Bluto Bluto

Bluto, also known as Brutus, is a sometimes friend and business partner of Popeye's - but by the end of a cartoon, he's usually revealed as Popeye's enemy, competing for the attention of the fickle Olive Oyl. Bluto often manhandles Olive Oyl, necessitating her being saved by Popeye. Popeye is brawny and has a thick beard.
Wimpy Wimpy

Wimpy, more formally known as J. Wellington Wimpy, is notoriously thrifty but loves to eat and do things that cost money. He often says "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". This parsimony doesn't just apply to hamburgers - Wimpy tries to get it all for free. Despite this, when Popeye and Bluto are business competitors, they always seek Wimpy's patronage. Wimpy wears a bowler hat and is rotund in stature.
Swee'Pea Swee'Pea

Swee'Pea, or Sweet Pee, is a baby that Olive Oyl and Popeye often look after. When Popeye is charged with babysitting Swee' Pea, calamity usually ensues - often Popeye will lose Swee' Pea and have to set about finding him. Pappy thinks Popeye is too soft on baby Swee' Pea.
Poopdeck Pappy Pappy

Poopdeck Pappy, better known as simply Pappy, is Popeye's father. Pappy is a troublemaker, and often winds up in situations where Popeye has to rescue him. Pappy believes that Popeye has gone soft, by not using corporal punishment in raising Swee' Pea, or relying on bunk like pyschology. Pappy looks like an older version of Popeye.
Sea Hag Sea Hag

The Sea Hag is Popeye's most notable enemy. The Sea Hag often sets her sights romantically on Popeye - and threatens to kill or otherwise destroy him when he rejects her advances. A true "wicked witch", the Sea Hag is basically a rotten woman who does bad things - she isn't above theft and attempted murder, for whatever the reason. The Sea Hag has a hairy chin, is quite skinny, and has a vulture sidekick named Bernard.
Alice the Goon Alice the Goon

Alice the Goon lived on Goon Island and was original a henchwoman for the Sea Hag. When Alice (or any other goon) speaks, it sounds like gibberish - no one except Wimpy understands. Alice eventually became a nanny for Swee' Pea. Alice is over eight feet tall and has a very big nose. She is quite scary looking.
Eugene the Jeep Eugene the Jeep

Eugene the Jeep is Popeye's magic dog. Eugene isn't actually a dog, but a magical creature from beyond - but he is for all intents and purposes a magic canine. Eugene is from the "4th dimension", which explains his magic powers and his ability to teleport from place to place. Eugene is yellow with spots and has a long nose. Interestingly, the Chrysler Jeep vehicle may have been named after Eugene (because the vehicles can travel anywhere, much like Eugene).

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