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Popeye Costumes


Popeye Costumes
Great Popeye Costumes! Dress up as Popeye the Sailor Man... The whole family can go together as Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea! Enjoy our collection of people dressed up like Popeye and Olive Oyl. And be sure to take a look at the adorable kid's costume of Popeye. There is even a surprise costume twist on the bottom of this page!!! Plus, learn how to make Popeye and Olive Oil costumes too. Avast, mateys, and prepare for a Popeye transformation!

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Pictures of great Popeye Halloween Costumes:
Popeye & Olive Costumes
Popeye & Olive Costumes
Popeye Kids Costume
Child's Popeye Costume
Popeye & Olive Mascots
Popeye & Olive Oyl Mascots
Dress up as your favorite Popeye character:
Popeye Costume
Popeye Costume
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Olive Oyl Costume
Olive Oyl Costume
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Brutus Costume
Brutus Costume
How to Make a Popeye Costume:

Here is a list of the basic items you'll need to make your own Popeye Costume:
  • Sailor's Cap
  • Pipe
  • Blue Pants
  • Sailor's Shirt
  • Can of Spinach
  • Anchor Tattoos
Popeye Tattoo
Popeye Anchor Tattoo
Popeye's Sailor Hat should be white, but a navy blue sailor's hat or a captain's hat can also work. The actual pipe for Popeye is a corn cob pipe, but any pipe will do. If you don't already have a pipe - think about getting a Bubble Pipe! They are easy to find and lots of fun too! You can transform a plain t-shirt into Popeye's shirt with a little imagination. You'll just need to add yellow buttons and a red collar. As for the pants? Almost any type of blue pants will work, including denim jeans.

Then it comes down to the small details that will really make your Popeye Costume amazing! You must have the anchor tattoos on each arm. You can use a black marker for this. You might want to practice on a piece of paper first! Use the Anchor Tattoo shown as your guide. And what is Popeye without his spinach? It's a fun idea to carry a can of spinach! They actually make "Popeye" brand spinach, but any spinach will do. You can also take an ordinary can and make your own spinach label and tape it on. Get creative, you can do it!

Accessories for Popeye Costume:
Popeye Sailor Hat
Popeye Sailor Hat
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Popeye Spinach
Popeye Spinach
Popeye Corn Cob Pipe
Popeye Cob Pipe
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How to Make an Olive Oyl Costume:

So you want to be Popeye's sweetheart?
Here is a list of what you will need to make your own Olive Oyl Costume:
  • Red Sweater with a White Collar
  • Long Black Skirt
  • Big Boots
  • Black Hair (styled into a bun)
Olive Oyl Wig
Olive Oyl Wig
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Making an Olive Oyl costume is easy and fun! Olive Oil has black hair pulled back into a bun (or short pony-tail). You can either style your own hair or simply get a black wig. Then you'll need a red sweater, red long-sleeve shirt or a red blouse. There should be a ruffled white collar around the neck and perhaps the ends of the sleeves too. Just about any black skirt will do - adding a stripe of color around the bottom hem would be a nice touch. (You can do this with ribbon and glue or sewing.) A pair of big black or brown boots will finish off the look. Now you're ready for a fun time... as Olive Oyl!
Popeye & Olive Costumes Reversal Popeye Costumes Role Reversal!

Who says that only a man can dress up like Popeye? This creative couples costume shows the man dressed as Olive Oyl and the woman dressed as Popeye! Too cute... what a funny, clever, creative Halloween Costume!!
The Popeye theme is a great Halloween Costume idea. The Popeye Costume is fun and easily recognizable to everyone. It's also a great Couples Costume idea too... One person goes as Popeye and the other as Popeye's girlfriend, Olive Oyl. (You can decide who will go as which Popeye character!)

The Popeye Cartoon is a fun idea for a group of people too! There are many characters to choose from... including Sweet Pea, Brutus, Wimpy and more! It's a fun costume idea for a family as well. Dad can be Popeye, Mom can be Olive Oil and baby can be Sweet Pea. Check out the Popeye's Characters page for more pictures and ideas!

  • Sweet Pea Costume - red sleeper (or red nightgown), white fishing hat (or white sailor's hat) and a baby soother.
  • Brutus / Bluto Costume - black beard, captain's hat, yellow pants and a dark shirt. And of course you'll need a nasty look on your face!
  • Wimpy Costume - ill-fitting black suit, white shirt and red tie. He also wears a Bowler Hat / Derby Hat. And of course, you'll need to carry a tray of hamburgers!

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