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Plush Care Bears


Plush Care Bears | Plush Care Bear Cousins

Plush Care Bears

All of your favorite Care Bears are here! These Plush Care Bears are so soft and cuddly... you know you want a Care Bear hug! The 1980s brought us a wonderful collection of Care Bears - including the popular 13-inch Care Bears! Each Care Bear has a tummy symbol that shows its personality... and a red heart "Care Bears" button on the tush to show it's authentic!

Plush Care Bears from the 1980's
Plush Champ Care Bear
Champ Care Bear
Plush Bedtime Care Bear
Bedtime Care Bear
Plush Birthday Care Bear
Birthday Care Bear
Plush Cheer Care Bear
Cheer Care Bear
Plush Share Care Bear
Share Care Bear
Plush Love-A-Lot Care Bear
Love-A-Lot Care Bear
Plush Grumpy Care Bear
Grumpy Care Bear
Plush Wish Care Bear
Wish Care Bear
Plush Friend Care Bear
Friend Care Bear
Plush Funshine Care Bear
Funshine Care Bear
Plush Good Luck Care Bear
Good Luck Care Bear
Plush Tenderheart Care Bear
Tenderheart Care Bear
Plush Baby Tugs Care Bear
Baby Tugs Care Bear
Plush Grams Care Bear
Grams Care Bear
with Shawl
Plush Baby Hugs Care Bear
Baby Hugs Care Bear

Did you know?

All of these cute Care Bears measure 13-inches... except Grams Bear is 15-inches tall and little Baby Hugs & Baby Tugs are only 11-inches!
Talking Secret Care Bear

This is a special Care Bear that came out in 1985... it's a talking Care Bear! The Secret Bear measures 13 inches and has a heart shaped padlock for its tummy symbol. Just pull the string and Secret Bear speaks different phrases to you:
  • "You can tell me anything"
  • "I'm Secret Bear"
  • "Who's your favorite Care Bear?"
  • "You're my secret friend"
  • "I promise I won't tell"
Plush Secret Care Bear
Secret Care Bear
Different Sizes of Care Bears:
The Plush Care Bears from the 1980s came in several sizes: Small, Regular, Large and Jumbo. The standard or regular size is 13-inch (as shown above). The mini or small size is 6-inch. The large size is 18-inch. And finally, the jumbo size is 36-inch.

* Small Care Bears (6-inch)
* Regular Care Bears (13-inch)
* Large Care Bears (18-inch)
* Jumbo Care Bears (36-inch)

Go to the Vintage Care Bears section to see more pictures of the different Care Bears. Plus, see the checklist for all of the Plush Care Bears - including the Care Bear Cousins and the UK Exclusive Care Bears.

Tips for Collecting Care Bears:
There are several things that any Care Bear collector should "bear" in mind. Condition! The value of the Care Bear is greatly impacted by its condition. The better condition, the greater it's value. Authenticity is also important. Make sure your Care Bear has the little red heart button on its behind. And the "tush tag" will tell you the year (ie. 1983) and maker (ie. Kenner). Overall, you should collect what you love, because that is priceless... just like a nice cuddle from your favorite Care Bear!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • COLOR: Is is faded? or does it have bright colors?
  • RED HEART: Is the lettering on the red heart rubbed or is it clear?
  • TUSH TAG: Is it faded or clear? Has it been cut off?
  • FUR: Is the fur soft and fluffy? or "previously loved"?
  • FRECKLES: What about freckles?
  • HAIR TUFT: Is the tuft of hair curly or frizzy or even snipped off?
  • EYES: Are there any scratches on the eyes?
  • TUMMY SYMBOL: Is it bright and clean or are there snags?
  • SUMMARY: Can you live without this Care Bear? Remember, we don't regret the Care Bears we buy, we only regret the Bears we let slip away!

Don't reject a Care Bear just because it isn't perfect... afterall, no person is perfect, nor is any bear. If the little bear looks cute to you, give him or her a chance and show this Care Bear to its new loving home! You'll both be happy you did!

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