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Care Bear Characters


Care Bears Character List

The Care Bears are soft, cute, cuddly, and bursting with care! Born in 1983, these lovable friends exploded onto greeting cards, plush toys, cartoons, and everything else. Each Care Bear has a belly badge or tummy symbol that represents his or her personality. The Care Bears are collectible, available in every color of the rainbow, and have been going strong for almost 30 years!

The 10 Original Care Bears
Bedtime Bear Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Bear is always sleepy! He sometimes wears a night-cap and always sounds tired. He gives the best goodnight hugs and ensures you have a good night's sleep... and sweet dreams too! Bedtime Care Bear is light-blue in color and has a sleeping moon on his tummy.

Bedtime Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Moon
Boy Care Bear
Birthday Bear Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear loves parties! He loves to celebrate birthdays, play party games, and have fun. Jovial and happy, Birthday Bear is light orange and wears a cupcake adorned with a candle as a belly badge.

Birthday Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Cupcake with Candle
Boy Care Bear
Cheer Bear Cheer Bear

Cheer Bear wipes away the blues! Cheer is perky, happy, excited and will turn any frown upside down. Cheer Bear's mission is to cheer people up! She is pink and wears a rainbow belly badge.

Cheer Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Rainbow
Girl Care Bear
Funshine Bear Funshine Bear

Funshine Bear loves to have fun! The life of the party, Funshine loves to laugh and joke all the time. Funshine Bear was a female from 1983 to 1988 and became a male in 2002. He now wears a red baseball cap and helps others enjoy fun and games.

Funshine Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Smiling Sun
Girl Care BearBoy Care Bear
Good Luck Bear Good Luck Bear

Good Luck Bear is a lucky charm! Bringing good luck to everyone, Good Luck Bear is green and has a lucky four leaf clover on his tummy. Good Luck Bear loves to play games.

Good Luck Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Four Leaf Clover
Boy Care Bear
Grumpy Bear Grumpy Bear

Grumpy Bear is a true grumpster! Sure he's sometimes cranky and rarely smiles, but he is a Care Bear at heart after all! Grumpy Bear is blue and has a black raincloud with heart shaped raincloud drops as his belly badge. In the 2000s, Grumpy started inventing and doing repair work.

Grumpy Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Dark Storm Cloud
Boy Care Bear
Friend Bear Friend Bear

Friend Bear knows what it takes to be a good and loyal friend! She's friendly, kind, loyal - everything you want in a best friend, and teaches others the value of friendship. She's orange and has two smiling flowers on her belly badge. Friend Bear enjoys gardening and is good friends with Secret Bear.

Friend Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Two Flowers
Girl Care Bear
Love-a-Lot Bear Love-a-Lot Bear

Love-a-Lot Bear is a lovely little bear who loves to spread love! She's cute, friendly, perky and tries to make sure love is felt by all those around her. Love-a-Lot is pink and her belly badge is two overlapping hearts.

Love-A-Lot Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Two Hearts
Girl Care Bear
Tenderheart Bear Tenderheart Bear

The leader of the Care Bears, Tenderheart helps others be as caring as they can be. He's orange and wears a big red heart as a belly badge. He now has a nifty heart shaped backpack, too.

Tenderheart Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Big Red Heart
Boy Care Bear
Wish Bear Wish Bear

Wish Bear helps make wishes come true! Her goal is for others to understand the power of wishing, and how to make sure others reach their goals. Her best friend is Twinkers the wishing star. She is cyan / aqua-marine in color and her belly badge is a star that beams out a rainbow.

Wish Care Bear
Tummy Symbol: Shooting Star
Girl Care Bear
Care Bears Enemy:
Prof. Cold Heart

Who's the bad guy in the Care Bears? Professor Cold Heart is the enemy of the Care Bears. Coldheart can "freeze" a person's feelings and emotions with his weapon, the Unfeeling Ray. Professor Coldheart delights in making people emotionless and does everything he can to stop the Care Bears from helping people express themselves. Cold Heart's assistant is named Frostbite.
Care Bears Friend:
The Cloud Keeper

The Cloud Keeper is the caretaker who maintains the clouds in the Kingdom of Caring. The Cloudkeeper wears coveralls and uses his broom to sweep up the clouds. The Cloud Keeper is always keeping an eye on the Care Bears and gives out an award for the Number One Caring Bear!
New Care Bear Characters:

In addition to the 10 Classic Care Bears, many more bears were to follow. Grams, Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs joined the original ten Care Bears in the 1980s... plus Share Bear and Champ Bear too! Later on many new bears have been added to the Care Bear family (see pictures below). A popular recent addition is the lovable Oopsy Bear.

Care Bear Characters
Hopeful Heart Bear

Best Friend Bear

Polite Panda

Baby Hugs Bear

Thanks-a-lot Bear

Smart Heart Bear

Champ Care Bear

Daydream Bear

Bashful Heart Bear

True Heart Bear

Harmony Bear

Laugh-a-lot Bear

Share Bear

Take Care Bear

Baby Tugs Bear

Do Your Best Bear

America Cares Bear

Surprise Bear

Secret Bear

Perfect Panda
Funshine Bear's New Style Did You Know? Funshine Bear was a girl in the 1980s! But the new Funshine Bear turned into a boy in 2002!

There have been color changes too: Tenderheart Bear used to be brown, now he's orange; Daydream Bear was pink (now blue / violet); Grams used to be gray or blue / violet now she's sky blue; Surprise Bear used to be light blue and is now dark violet.

Some of the tummy symbols / belly badges have changed too: Daydream Bear's changed from two heart-shaped balloons to a Saturn-like planet; Share Bear went from a milkshake with two straws to two lollypops; Take Care Bear used to be a smiling apple (now a smiling heart and star).

British Exclusives: Surprise Bear, Sea Friend Bear and Daydream Bear were originally exclusive to the UK market when they were first released in the 1980s. Daydream Bear was finally released in the United States in 2004. Surprise Bear also had a US release too! Forest Friend Bear was a UK / Australia exclusive release. Trueheart Bear and Harmony Bear were released in both the UK and the USA.
Plush Harmony Care Bear
Plush Harmony Bears... with different tummy symbols!
Harmony Bear just can't decide what tummy symbol she wants to have! There have been 3 different tummy designs for Harmony Care Bear:
1) 3-Hearts (US version)
2) 3-Music Notes (UK version)
3) Multi-Colored Flower (New version)

Harmony Bear's tummy symbol in the 1980s was three hearts. Care Bear co-creator Linda Denham is a Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority member. Supposedly, the three hearts represent the three points of a triangle - the symbol of Linda's Tri-Sigma Sorority!

But in England, Harmony's symbol was three music notes! Most recently, Harmony Bear has finally decided on a totally new belly badge, a yellow flower with multi-colored petals.

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