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Garfield DVD Collection


Garfield DVD

Everyone's favorite comic strip cat has made it to the big screen! The eternally lazy, fat cat Garfield features in the hilarious Cartoon TV Series "Garfield and Friends" with the whole gang - including his gullible owner Jon and his not-so-bright sidekick, Odie. And don't miss Garfield's CGI debut in "Garfield The Movie" and the funny sequel "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties". But don't laugh too hard... you might cough up a hairball !

Garfield Holiday Celebrations Garfield Holiday Celebrations

Celebrate the holidays with laughter... and Garfield! This classic set includes:
* Garfield's Halloween Adventure
* Garfield's Thanksgiving
* A Garfield Christmas
Garfield Travel Adventures Garfield Travel Adventures

Hilarious adventures include: * Garfield in the Rough - Nature calls, but Garfield doesn't want to answer * Garfield in Paradise - Trouble in paradise? Only when Garfield is around! * Garfield Goes Hollywood - Will the TV talent show "Pet Search" recognize Garfield's star potential?
Garfield The Movie Garfield The Movie

Garfield stars in his very first 3D live action movie! Join Garfield, John, Odie and the rest of the gang in this hilarious movie adventure. Many fun extras include: 17 deleted scenes, new games "Garfield Comic Creator" and "Find Odie Maze Game", plus behind-the-scenes and more!
Garfield - A Tail of Two Kitties Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

It's double the fun when Garfield goes to England and meets the Prince, his mirror-image! Switched identities means Garfield is treated like royalty and living the good life... but the dastardly Lord Dargis has other plans and it doesn't involve the royal treatment!
Garfield and Friends Volume 1 Garfield & Friends Vol. 1

Garfield and his friends star in 24 episodes of the funny animated TV series. Highlights include the episodes "Box o' Fun", "Nothing to Sneeze At" and "Magic Mutt".

The entire Garfield TV Show series is now available in Volumes 1-5!
Garfield and Friends Volume 2 Garfield & Friends Vol. 2

Great set of 24 episodes of the Saturday morning animated TV show. Highlights include: "Robo-Odie", "Fit for a King", "Ben Hog", "Dessert in the Desert" and the classic "Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 2". This one is a must-have!
Garfield and Friends Volume 3 Garfield & Friends Vol. 3

Garfield and Friends Volume 4 Garfield & Friends Vol. 4

Filled with fan favorites like "Rainy Day Robot", "Creature That Lived In The Refridgerator", "Renewed Terror", "Home Sweet Swindler" and of course, everybody's favorite "Picnic Panic"!
Garfield and Friends Volume 5 Garfield & Friends Vol. 5

Lots of fun and lots of laughs with everyone's favorite fat cat! This DVD completes the TV Show Series... and even includes rare episodes that never met syndincation!
Garfield Cat Tales Garfield Cat Tales

Enjoy this fat-cat 3 DVD collection:

Garfield as Himself
Garfield Fantasies
Garfield Travel Adventures
Garfield's Fun Fest Garfield's Fun Fest

Another CGI action-packed adventure in Cartoon World! Garfield is in danger of losing the annual talent competition, his girl and his humor when a new threat comes to town, the tall and handsome Ramone. Let the showdown begin!
Garfield Gets Real Garfield Gets Real

Garfield gets lost in the real world and has to find his way home... Great CGI computer animation and fun storyline takes Garfield to a whole new level! Plus, a bonus feature on "Garfield" creator Jim Davis, who wrote the movie's cool concept and quirky dialogue.
Garfield A Cat and His Nerd Garfield A Cat and His Nerd

The best episodes featuring Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle. Everything from Jon dealing with a lackluster love life, car trouble or even being conned by a convict! Regardless of Jon's troubles, he can always count on Garfield as a furry friend for life!
Garfield As Himself Garfield As Himself

1980s Garfield TV Specials: * Garfield on the Town - Garfield escapes the vet and discovers his long-lost mother. * Garfield Gets a Life - Makeovers, dating services and disco dancing spice things up for Garfield, Odie and Jon. * Here Comes Garfield - It's up to Garfield to save Odie from the pound!
Fantasies Garfield Fantasies

Enjoy some Garfield TV Specials that aired on CBS... Garfield’s vivid imagination and daydreams feature in: Garfield's Babes and Bullets, Garfield’s Feline Fantasies and the 60 minute special, Garfield’s Nine Lives.
Garfield An Ode to Odie Garfield An Ode to Odie

If you love Odie, then this DVD is for you!

A whole DVD dedicated to episodes (from the cartoon series "Garfield and Friends") featuring the one-and-only slobbering, lovable Odie!

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