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Garfield Characters


Garfield Characters List

Garfield Garfield

Garfield is the ultimate cat! He's a cynical, lazy, lasagna-loving, Monday-loathing, dog-tormenting, mailman-hating fat feline. Garfield's passion for food and sleep is matched only by his aversion to diet, exercise - and waking up in the morning. Garfield is lazy - and he wouldn't have it any other way! Garfield is owned by Jon Arbuckle - although most would say it was the other way 'round.

First appearance: June 19, 1978
Odie Odie

Odie is a somewhat dense but utterly lovable dog that lives in the Arbuckle household. Odie is very faithful to Garfield and treats him as a friend - and Garfield usually rewards Odie by punting him off the table or some other practical joke. Odie is a perpetual slobberer, and has a large tongue to help him leave saliva everywhere (and all over Garfield). Although it appears that Odie never thinks intelligently, he uses his brain occasionally - and gets one over on Garfield in the process!

First appearance: August 8, 1978
Arlene Arlene

Arlene is the main female in Garfield's life (and considering Jon's dating prowess, his too!). She's pink, has a gap between her teeth, and has a delightful love / hate relationship with Garfield: Garfield is in love with himself, and Arlene hates that fact. Despite everything, Garfield will share dinner with Arlene - the ultimate sign on true love?

First appearance: December 17, 1980
Jon Jon

Jon Arbuckle provides a domicile for Garfield and Odie to rest their heads - and stuff their faces. Jon lives a dull and downtrodden existence, has extreme trouble with dating women - but no matter how he feels, he always looks after his pets, Garfield and Odie.

First appearance: June 19, 1978
Pooky Pooky

Pooky is Garfield's ultra-cute Teddy bear! Garfield found Pooky in a dresser drawer and "adopted" him. Pooky is a very understanding toy bear: he listens to everything that Garfield has to say, he sleeps with him, and gives the warmest of hugs!

First appearance: October 23, 1978
Nermal Nermal

Nermal is the "World's Cutest Kitten" - at least according to Nermal himself! Nermal taunts and cajoles Garfield about his slovenly fat appearance - and takes pains to contrast Garfield's looks with his own svelte and attractive physique, looks and age. Garfield has paid Nermal back, though - he once mailed him to Abu Dhabi!

First appearance: September 3, 1979


Mom: Jon's mother is proud of her sons and her farmer husband. Jon's mom is a great cook - a firm believer in the "food groups" of potatoes and pies - and no one goes hungry when she makes dinner, that is for sure. First appearance: February 13, 1980.

Dad: Jon's father is a farmer who is short in stature but large in spirit. Along with the rest of the family, Jon's dad manages and maintains the day-to-day activities of the farm. Much to the chagrin of Garfield (who only likes to eat and run), Jon visits his Dad and the rest of the family regularly. First appearance: February 13, 1980.

Doc Boy: Doc Boy is Jon's only sibling! Doc Boy lives on the family farm with his mom and dad. Doc Boy is cursed with the same boring life on the farm that Jon has in the city - but at least Doc Boy has the pigs to keep him company! First appearance: May 17, 1983.

Grandma: Jon's grandmother is a granny like no other! Grandma is a leather jacketed, Harley Davidson motorcycle ridin' grandmama with a hard-livin' attitude that never says never. Grandma's husband, Jon's grandfather, has passed away and Grandma talks lovingly about her time with him.

Lyman: Lyman is Odie's original owner! Lyman has curly hair and a big, bushy moustache. Lyman lived with Jon for a period of time but he has disappeared from the scene these days.

Irma: Irma is the owner of Irma's Diner, a restaurant that Garfield and Jon visit from time to time. Ostensibly an eating establishment, Irma's Diner leaves a lot to be desired in terms of actual food quality, service, cleanliness, waitstaff and the actual sanity of Irma. One time, when the Chicken Surprise was ordered - she came to the table wearing a chicken costume and screamed "Surprise!"

Dr. Liz Wilson: Liz is Garfield's vet and object of affection for Jon (almost universally unrequited). Dr. Wilson has occasionally succumbed to Jon's advances, and actually dated him from time to time, but these dates always end in disaster - especially when Garfield tags along as a third wheel. First appearance: June 26, 1979

The Mailman: Ahh...the mailman. Although a few different letter carriers have passed by the Arbuckle hearth, the one pictured has been delivering mail faithfully since 1984. Despite the terrible attentions of Garfield, the mailman always does his duty! First appearance: January 28, 1984.

Garfield Trivia: Garfield's character is named after Jim Davis's grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who was named after former United States president James Garfield.

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