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Dilbert DVD Boxset - The Complete Series


Dilbert DVD Box Set

Dilbert DVD Box Set Dilbert DVD Box Set: The Complete Series
4-Disc Set

Dilbert is an employee at a company that simply doesn't care. No matter how hard he works, no one notices. When there is trouble with a project or the direction a business plan is going, no one cares. His boss is incompetent and petty, his co-workers are either useless or tyrannical (in the case of the secretary). Dilbert is the one voice of reason in an office full of imbeciles, maniacs, and cowards. Dilbert's one true friend is his dog, Dogbert, a genius who constantly hatches plots which Dilbert always ends up getting involved in. Dilbert is the perfect reflection of what the modern workplace really looks like. Scott Adams' Dilbert ran for two seasons on UPN, from 1998 to 2000. The voice cast includes: Jason Alexander, Chris Elliot, Daniel Stern and Kathy Griffin.

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Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

When most people think of Dilbert, the comic strip comes to mind, along with the hilarious cubicle humor. But no one thinks of the animated TV show, which ran for two whole seasons on UPN (which is now called CW). People should really be made aware of the animated Dilbert, because it is totally hilarious! Dilbert the show has everything the comic strip has going for it, plus action and absolutely hilarious voice actors. Watch a single episode and you'll want to see all of them.

Dilbert debuted in 1999 on UPN. UPN was ultimately not a successful TV network and because of that Dilbert did not get the exposure it deserved. It could have been a huge success. The show could have easily run for much longer (or perhaps still be on the air) if it was given more of a chance. UPN did not really know what to do with the sardonic, hilarious, sophisticated and silly animated Dilbert. Dilbert didn't fit in with the rest of UPN lineup so the show was canned. But it did not deserve to be! And now at least it lives on, beautifully preserved on DVD - now everyone can enjoy Dilbert!

The voice acting in Dilbert is phenomenal. For a show like Dilbert to work, the voices really must capture the spirit and feeling of the original comics. Dilbert succeeds with the voices. Daniel Stern as Dibert is perfect. Larry Miller as the Pointy Haired Boss is even better. And Kathy Griffin is absolutely amazing as Alice. The cast is perfect and it's a joy to listen to them all together.

Dilbert Extras - yes there are. Dilbert comes with some pretty cool extras. There is a making of / behind the scenes featurette, and an introduction from Scott Adams, who introduces a clip show. Plus more! These sorts of extras make the Dilbert DVD special and they're a welcome addition.

Dilbert the animated series was a fantastic artistic success. Fans love it - and now it's on DVD! Enjoy this fantastic and hilarious collection of 30 Dilbert episodes, sit back and watch the extras - the Dilbert DVD is great fun!

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