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Dilbert Characters


Dilbert Characters List

Dilbert Dilbert

Dilbert is a prototypical engineer - socially inept but excels at the tasks he's given. Dilbert struggles with the illogical, contradictory and often ridiculous world around him.

Physical Appearance: A typical male office worker who wears glasses (although he has no eyes) and a short-sleeved shirt with a always upturned-tie.
Dogbert Dogbert

Dogbert is the power-hungry canine companion of Dilbert... his pet dog. Although Dogbert will play jokes on Dilbert and can even seem to be cruel to Dilbert, Dogbert will never tolerate anyone else abusing poor Dilbert.

Physical Appearance: A round white dog that wears glasses.
Pointy Haired Boss Pointy Haired Boss

The hopelessly inept boss of Dilbert. He is everything a boss should not be: ineffectual, incompetent, unethical, unfair, and a terrible listener. He frequently uses "buzzwords" (which he, himslef has no clue to their meaning) to hide his lack of understanding. He is the first to sell his employees down the river.

Physical Appearance: A pointy-haired overweight, blue-suit wearing excuse for a man.
Alice Alice

Dilbert's female co-worker with the huge triangle-shaped hair. While one of the more competent engineers, she is often frustrated that her work does not get proper recognition due to her gender. She is prone to controlled fits of rage, having a very short and often violent temper. Co-workers (and even the Pointy-Haired Boss) must watch out for her "Fist of Death". She has a no-nonsense, take-no-crap attitude.

Physical Appearance: A woman with triangle hair that wears a pink suit and a serious temperament.
Wally Wally

Dilbert's socially inept co-worker who hates working and avoids doing it at any cost. His laziness and amorality combine to create situations that maximize his own personal gain while doing the least possible amount of honest work. His lack of ethics show no boundaries despite him being one of the oldest engineers there.

Physical Appearance: A squat, balding man usually seen wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt, square-rimmed glasses and carrying a cup of coffee.
Asok Asok

The nervous intern with the buzz-cut and wide eyes. Asok is interesting because he represents the perspective of a naive, optimistic youth who thinks logic and good-intentions have a place in the business world - and he is always proved wrong.

Physical Appearance: A wide-eyed, nervous-looking guy who has buzzed-cut hair.

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