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Dilbert Action Figures


Dilbert Action Figures

Dilbert Action Figures Set Dilbert Action Figures Set
(Dilbert PVC Figures)

Nothing decorates an office cubicle better than a set of Dilbert PVC figures. Each Dilbert action figure measures between 1 inch to 4 inches tall. The set includes: Dilbert, The Pointy-Haired Boss, Dogbert, Catbert, and co-workers Alice and Wally.
Dilbert Action Figure Dilbert Action Figure

This Dilbert PVC figurine is ready for exciting office action! Thrill as Dilbert navigates the travails of daily office life. Experience the rewards and satisfaction of Dilbert's daily routines vicariously through this amazing Dilbert figure! The Dilbert action figure is the perfect accessory for the modern office space and cubicle dweller.
Pointy Haired Boss Action Figure Pointy Haired Boss Action Figure

The Pointy Haired Boss is ready to expound the virtues of the company's mission statement - prepare to synergize! Action items, delegating, memo-dictating - The Pointy Haired Boss figurine is just like the real thing!
Wally Action Figure Wally Action Figure

The Wally inaction figure is specially made to do everything that the real Wally from the comic strip can do - stand still and do nothing for hours. Be amazed as PVC Wally does as little as possible - just like he does at work!
Alice Action Figure Alice Action Figure

Alice the Engineer figurine is an excellent counterpart to Dilbert and Wally. Just don't get on her bad side, or you'll have to avoid her Fist of Death.
Dogbert Action Figure Dogbert Action Figure

Nothing is going to stop Dogbert the PVC figurine from taking over the world, so you may as well have him by your side - on your table? Dogbert is the perfect counterpart for the Dilbert PVC.
Catbert Action Figure Catbert Action Figure

The evil Catbert, Director of Human Resources, is now a figurine! Put a Catbert figurine on your desk and terrorize your cubicle mates as he leers threateningly, about to strike with new and contradictory HR policies.

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