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California Raisins Figures


The California Raisins Figures
Here's your guide to all of the California Raisins PVC Figures. See the Motown musicians as raisins... even real-life raisin replicas like Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix! These licensed figures measure about 2.5 inches tall and have "CALRAB" marked on the bottom of their feet. Check the list to see which ones you have... maybe even some of the rare figures!

The rare California Raisins Vegetables (like Leonard Limabean and Cecil Thyme Carrot) and rare raisin figures like A.C. and the Mom Lulu are shown. The Raisin Graduates (on stands), California Raisin Keychains, Stages and Promotional California Raisins too! Be sure to check out more California Raisin Figures from Hardees!

The First Four California Raisins:
Ben Indasun California Raisin Figure Ben Indasun

This Raisin looks cool in orange sunglasses and sneakers. His right-hand finger points up and the left-hand finger points down. (c) 1987
Tiny Goodbite California Raisin Figure Tiny Goodbite

This California Raisin Figure is a singer with a microphone in his hand. His eyes are closed and his right hand is clenched into a fist. (c) 1987
Saxophone Player California Raisin Figure Saxophone Player

The California Raisin Figure playing the saxophone leans back. His eyes are closed shut while he plays. (c) 1987
Conga Line California Raisin Figure Justin X. Grape

AKA The Conga Line Dancer. This Raisin wears blue sneakers. His left-hand finger points up and the right-hand finger points down. (c) 1987
Christmas California Raisins:
Santa California Raisin Figure Santa

It's the Santa Claus California Raisin figure! He wears a santa hat with festive green sneakers. (c) 1988
Candy Cane California Raisin Figure Candy Cane

This California Raisin Figure wears green sunglasses and holds a candy cane. His sneakers are red with green laces. (c) 1988
Valentine's Day California Raisins:
Valentine California Raisin Figure I'm Yours

This Valentine California Raisin holds a red heart that says, "I'm Yours"... and he gives you a wink too! (c) 1988
Be Mine California Raisin Figure Be Mine

This California Raisin lady wears her pink high-heel shoes and holds a red heart that reads, "Be Mine". (c) 1988
Post Raisin Bran Set:
Bass California Raisin Figure Bass Player

The California Raisin Figure that plays bass is stylish in his blue and gray boots. (c) 1988
Lady California Raisin Figure Lady

This female California Raisin Figure dresses in pink high heels, white gloves and a pink bracelet. (c) 1988
Drummer California Raisin Figure Drummer

The California Raisin Figure at the drums wears a black hat with a yellow feather. (c) 1988
Tambourine Lady California Raisin Figure Tambourine Lady

This female California Raisin Figure plays the tambourine. She wears yellow high heels, white gloves and a yellow bracelet. (c) 1988
California Raisins with Surfboard:
Surfboard California Raisin Figure Surfboard

This Surfer California Raisin holds his surfboard up in the air, vertically. It is attached to his sneakers. (c) 1988
Rare Surfboard California Raisin Figure Surfboard #2

This is the rare version of the California Raisin Surfer. Notice that the surfboard is horizontal and not attached to his sneakers. (c) 1988
More California Raisins Musicians:
Jimi Hendrix California Raisin Figure Jimi Hendrix

The guitar legend has his own California Raisin! The Jimi Hendrix figure wears a headband and plays guitar. (c) 1988
Singing California Raisin Figure Singer

This singing California Raisin is different because he has his eyes open! In comparison, the Tiny Goodbite Singer has his eyes closed. (c) 1988
Singing Lady California Raisin Figure Singing Lady

This lady can sing... like Tina Turner! This California Raisin lady figure sings with a microphone in her hand. She wears yellow high-heel shoes. (c) 1988
Saxophone California Raisin Figure Hip Saxophone Player

This hip California Raisin plays his saxophone in style... wearing a black hat! In comparison, the other saxophone player has no hat. (c) 1988
Winking California Raisin Figure Winking

This California Raisin Figure gives you a wink! He's dressed in hot pink sneakers. (c) 1988
Guitarist California Raisin Figure Guitarist

This guitar player California Raisin Figure plays a red guitar. Note: The Hardees version plays a blue guitar. (c) 1988
Ms. Marvelous California Raisin Figure Ms. Marvelous

What a lady! Ms. Marvelous California Raisin plays the tambourine, has green shoes and a side-swept hairdo. (c) 1988
Blue Sunglasses California Raisin Figure Blue Sunglasses

This California Raisin Figure wears turquoise blue sunglasses and sneakers. (c) 1988
Michael Jackson California Raisin Figure Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson Raisin is the King of Pop as he sings and does the moonwalk. (c) 1989
Watch the video of Michael Jackson as a California Raisin!
Fun in the Sun California Raisins:
Surfer California Raisin Figure Surfer

This Surfer California Raisin has a purple surfboard. standing on the sand, he wears colorful Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. (c) 1988
Hula Dancer California Raisin Figure Hula Dancer

This California Raisin girl is a hula dancer in a grass skirt. She also wears a flower lei! (c) 1988
California Raisin Beach Figure Beach Bum

This California Raisin relaxes on his beach chair in the sand and sun. He wears flip-flops and sunglasses. (c) 1988
Suntan California Raisin Figure Sun Tan Girl

This California Raisin girl lays beside her boom box in the sand. Her sunglasses are purple and her high-heel shoes are green. (c) 1988
Meet the Raisins (Set #1):
Broccoli California Raisin Figure Lick Broccoli

This musical California Raisin Broccoli Figure plays guitar and he wears sneakers too! (c) 1989
Banana California Raisin Figure Banana White

This sexy Banana Lady is a California Raisin that wears her yellow dress like a second skin! (c) 1989
Rutabaga California Raisin Figure Rudy Bagaman

This musical California Raisin Rutabaga Figure wears a colorful shirt and smokes a cigar. (c) 1989
Piano Player California Raisin Figure Piano Player

Meet Red the Piano Player! He's one of the harder-to-find figures. (c) 1989
Meet the Raisins II (Set #2):
Carrot California Raisin Figure Cecil Thyme

This California Raisin Carrot Figure is the coolest looking veggie around! He looks sharp in a fitted gray suit and spectacles. (c) 1989
Limabean California Raisin Figure Leonard Limabean

This is one cool bean, the California Raisin Lima Bean Figure named Leonard. He wears a lavender suit and blue hat. (c) 1989
California Raisin Mom Figure Mom (Lulu Arborman)

It's the California Raisins Mom! She has curly blond hair and wears a pink apron. (c) 1989
AC California Raisin Figure A.C.

This California Raisin figure stands out for his amazing hair... pompadour style! He also wears red sneakers.(c) 1989
Name the Raisins Contest
Ben Indasun, Tiny Goodbite, Justin X. Grape
California Raisins Figures Trivia:

In the 1980s, CALRAB sponsored a national "Name the Raisins Contest" to give the first three California Dancing Raisins unique names. There were over 310,000 entries before the three winning names were selected! The winning names were Justin X. Grape, Tiny Goodbites and Ben Indasun.
The Graduates Set

"The Graduates" set consists of four Graduate Raisins Figures each on a yellow stand with a special sentiment written underneath. Each figure wears a mortarboard hat. The set is from 1988. They are known by many different names... California Raisin Awards, California Raisin Trophies, California Raisin on Stands, just to name a few.

California Raisin Graduate Award
You Really Danced
Through It
... Congratulations
California Raisin Graduate Award
World's Most Hell Raisin Grad!
California Raisin Graduate Award
Time To Sing Your Praises.
Congratulations Grad
California Raisin Graduate Award
Heard It Through The
Grapevine You Graduated.
  • You Really Danced Through It... Congratulations
    - This trophy shows the Ben Indasun California Raisin Figure wearing orange sunglasses, orange sneakers and a blue graduate's hat.
  • World's Most Hell Raisin Grad!
    - This award shows a California Raisin Graduate Figure playing the saxophone (the sax player) on a yellow stand.
  • Time To Sing Your Praises. Congratulations Grad
    - Tiny Goodbite (the lead singer with the microphone) California Raisin Figure dressed as a graduate on a yellow stand.
  • Heard It Through The Grapevine, You Graduated. Congratulations
    - Justin X. Grape California Raisin Figure is dressed as a graduate on a yellow stand. He wears blue sneakers.
Promotional California Raisin Figures
California Raisin Bran Figures
Raisin Bran Figures

Free California Raisin Figure with the purchase of 20oz Box of Post Raisin Bran. The free figures came attached to the cereal boxes. Four different figures were available (one per box). Promotion for Raisin Bran cereal from 1989.
Hardee's California Raisin Figures
Hardee's California Raisin Figures

Hardee's made several series of California Raisin figures. They made regular figures, mini figures and plush bendie figures... See them ALL here!
California Raisins Sandwich Stage by Del Monte
California Raisin Sandwich Stage
Del Monte California Raisins Trio

These three California Raisins figures are part of the Del Monte Sandwich Stage Set: Ben Indasun, Tiny Goodbite and Justin X. Grape. Notice that this trio is slightly different from the regular figures. Tiny Goodbite holds his microphone in one hand and the other hand is open (not a closed fist). Justin X Grape has larger eyelids that cover more of his eyes (compared to having more eyes showing). Ben Indasun has differently shaped sunglasses and his hands are also different.
California Raisin Sandwich Stage
California Raisins Sandwich Stage
By Del Monte

Del Monte Fruit Snacks presents The California Raisins! The musical sandwich sets the stage for the trio of California Raisin figures. It plays the song, "Heard It Through The Grapevine". From 1988.
California Raisin Keychains
California Raisins Graduate Keychains
Graduate California Raisins Keychains

Happy Graduation to the California Raisins! Each key chain shows a different raisin in a blue graduate cap.
California Raisins Keychains
California Raisins Keychains

Selection of four different California Raisin Figures keychains: 1) Microphone, 2) Dancing, 3) Saxophone, 4) Conga Dancer. The package reads, "Official Licensed Product". By Applause.
California Raisin Concert Stages
California Raisins Applause Stage
California Raisins Applause Stage

Applause presents The California Raisins! The perfect way to display your California Raisins Figures... put your favorite musicians on stage and in the audience. From 1987 Calrab.
Handmade California Raisins Stage
Handmade California Raisins Stage

Amazing handmade stage for the California Raisins! Drums, horns, microphones, speakers, bright lights and more make this stage a hit for the Raisin Band!

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