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California Raisins Costumes


The California Raisins Costumes
Cool California Raisins Costumes! Looking for a totally awesome 1980s themed costume? Why not dress-up as a California Raisin! Look at all of the different pictures of California Raisin Halloween Costumes... Plus, learn how to make your own California Raisin Costume too! It's fun, it's easy and it's totally "grape-tastic"!

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1980s California Raisins Costume
1980s California Raisins Costume
California Raisin Costume
California Raisin Costume
California Raisins Lady Costume
California Raisins Lady Costume
California Raisins Costumes
Pair of California Raisins Costumes
California Raisin Homemade Costume
California Raisin
Homemade Costume
California Raisins Mascot
The California Raisins Mascot
The California Raisins are a great idea for an 80's cartoon-themed Halloween party!... or any Costume Party! Who doesn't know the California Raisins? Celebrate with a totally awesome Raisin costume! Whether you go as a solo raisin or a group of raisins, you're guaranteed a grape time!
How to Make a California Raisin Costume

List of items you will need to make a simple California Raisins Costume:
  • Large Black Trash Bag
  • Dark Pants
  • Dark Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • White Gloves
  • Sneakers

This California Raisin Costume is a cheap costume to make, but the costume is really cool! First, you need to create the "raisin" body shape out of a large black trash bag. You can also use several cheap plastic table cloths in a dark purple color. (Try the Dollar Store or Walmart to find the cheap tablecloths) Tape and staples will be your new best friend! Make sure to cut holes for your arms. And remember to be careful any time you put a plastic bag over your head... Ensure you can see and breathe easily!

You'll want to wear a dark pair of pants and a dark colored long sleeve top. The white gloves and sneakers will add the finishing touches. Next, you'll want to consider the accessories you will add to the costume. Use the pictures as your guide!

Microphone for Costume
Microphone for Costume
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Jumbo Sunglasses
Colorful Jumbo Sunglasses
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White Cartoon Gloves
White Cartoon Gloves
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or Stage Gloves
Accessories for the California Raisins Costume:
  • Jumbo Sunglasses
  • Big Bow Tie
  • Microphone
  • Musical Instrument (like a tambourine, toy saxophone or trumpet)

Pick and choose which accessories you want to add to your California Raisin Costume! If you dress up as a group for the costume party, you can each carry a different musical instrument or microphone. And the best thing about the California Raisins is there is no limit to how many raisins can be in the band. Be prepared to show off your "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" dance moves!

Sewing Patterns for California Raisins Costumes:
California Raisins Sewing Pattern
California Raisins Sewing Pattern
Simplicity 3891

Fantastic vintage sewing pattern for making a California Raisin Costume or a Couch Potato Costume! From the 1980s.
California Raisins Deluxe Child Costume
California Raisins
Deluxe Child Costume

The 1980s California Raisin Costume for a child! The box comes with the raisin body and the white gloves.
California Raisins Sewing Pattern
California Raisins Sewing Pattern
McCall's 3420

Be a raisin, strawberry, or banana! The package shows kids dressed as California Raisins with sunglasses. Plus a Strawberry Costume and a Banana Costume too. Adult and Child's Costumes / Sewing Patterns for Funky Fruit.

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