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Monchhichi Figures - Checklist

Mini Monchhichi Figures

Monchhichis are adorable little monkey creatures. They have freckles and brown little noses. There are 30 Mini Monchhichi Figures to collect. Each little Monchhichi figure measures about 2cm tall. The Parker company released the thirty Monchhichi Characters in the 1970's. Each are marked, "(c) Sekinuchi 1979" and many have the name, "MONCHHICHI" embossed stamped somewhere on the figure as well. Then in 1981, the Mattel toy company released 18 of these same Monchichis from the original thirty. In addition, there are also some Monchhichi figures put out by Bully. It may seem a bit confusing, but it's best to just remember that there are a total of 30 Mini Monchhichi Figures plus a few more Bully figures. See them all below! Monchichi Figures are lots of fun to collect!


Drum Major Backhand (Tennis Girl) Bakers Boy
Piper Forehand (Tennis Boy) Chef
Cymbal Player Service (Tennis Ace) Tea Time
Drummer Cry Baby Ski Tumble
Pitcher Dozey Skier
Fly Ball Sleepy Sailor
Batter-Up Snoozy Pilot
Stealing Second Cozy Surfer
Slider Guitarist Bride
Catcher Sunbather Groom
Monchhichi Figures ChecklistMonchhichi Figures Checklist
Drum Major Monchhichi Drum Major Monchhichi

(aka Band Master) The marching band Drum Major Monchhichi leads the band with a blue and yellow baton. Lead on Band Master! This Monchhichi figure is dressed in a red uniform and hat. The letter "M" is on the front of his red shirt.
Drummer Monchhichi Drummer Monchhichi

(aka Tom-Tom) Drummer Monchhichi marches to the beat of his own drum! Tom-Tom Monchhichi looks great in a red marching band uniform. The red hat even has a blue feather sticking up on top of it!
Flute Monchhichi Flute Monchhichi

(aka Piper) Monchhichi plays the flute in the marching band. This Piper Monchhichi wears a red marching band uniform. The uniform has a cute red hat with a blue feather on top!
Sailor Monchhichi Sailor Monchhichi

(aka Matey) Ahoy Matey! Sailor Monchhichi rows a yellow rowboat and looks spiffy with a matching sailing ensemble consisting of a white shirt and white sailor's cap.
Sleeping Monchhichi Sleeping Monchhichi

(aka Nap Timer or Snoozy Monchhichi) Zzzz...be quiet everyone, this lil' Monchhichi is having a nap! Monchichi sleeps barefoot under a green blanket.
Cry Baby Monchhichi Cry Baby Monchhichi

Poor little Monchhichi has hurt his finger. It looks like he banged his hand with a hammer and had to wrap a bandage around his finger... ouch! The Cry Baby Monchhichi figure sits with his eyes closed. He wears blue coveralls, sun visor and a bandaged finger!
Chef Monchhichi Chef Monchhichi

How would you like your eggs? Over easy? The Monchhichi Chef figure tried to flip his eggs in the frying pan and they ended up on his head! The Monchhichi Cook wears a white chef uniform with a red scarf.
Bread Boy Monchhichi Bread Boy Monchhichi

(aka Bakers Boy) Mmmm...delicious! This Monchhichi has a fresh baked loaf of bread and it looks delicious - no wonder they call him Bread Boy! Monchhichi wears red dungarees, a yellow shirt and a red cap.
Guitarist Monchhichi Guitarist Monchhichi

Guitarist Monchhichi knows how to strum a tune! This cute little Monchhichi has a white guitar and a red flower, and bare feet!
Cozy Monchhichi Cozy Monchhichi

(aka Cuddler) Cozy Monchhichi is the cutest, cuddliest, sleepiest little Monchhichi there ever was! This little girl Monchichi figure wears a lavender bonnet and nightgown.
Baseball Monchhichi Stealing Second Monchhichi

This little Monchhichi is stealing second base! Will he get away with it? The sporty Monchhichi wears a blue baseball uniform.
Baseball Catcher Monchhichi Baseball Catcher Monchhichi

Baseball Catcher Monchhichi is an excellent catcher - nothing ever gets by him!
Baseball Pitcher Monchhichi Baseball Pitcher Monchhichi

Baseball Pitcher Monchhichi throws another no-hitter! You sure throw a mean ball, Baseball Monchhichi!
Surfer Monchhichi Surfer Monchhichi

Surfer Monchhichi is queen of the waves! Wearing a cool pink bikini, Surfer Monchhichi rides a bright yellow surfboard.
Dozey Monchhichi Dozey Monchhichi

Oh no! Dozey Monchhichi doesn't look so good! One eye is closed and boy does it look like that hurts, little Monchhichi! I hope your tootache goes away soon!
Tea Time Monchhichi Tea Time Monchhichi

(aka Waitress) Tea Time Monchhichi delivers a delicious drink and wears a white apron. Now that's good service!
Ski Tumble Monchhichi Ski Tumble Monchhichi

(aka Snow Plow) Oh dear! Ski Tumble Monchhichi has taken a turn for the worse, and ended upside down! Don't worry, little Monchhichi, help is on the way!
Skier Monchhichi Skier Monchhichi

(aka Hot Dog) Hot Dog is king of the slopes! This Monchhichi is the master of the ski slopes and looks great in an all yellow ski ensemble.
Pilot Monchhichi Pilot Monchhichi

(aka Flyer) Pilot Monchhichi has been cleared for take-off! Fly through the air Monchhichi-style in the beautiful white plane. Pilot wears goggles to help make flying safer.
Tennis Girl Monchhichi Tennis Girl Monchhichi

(aka Backhand) The Tennis Player Monchhichi plays to win and she looks fantastic doing it! The sporty girl Monchichi wears a white tennis dress with pink accents and a pink hair bow. This Tennis Monchhichi figure has a pink tennis racket.
Tennis Ace Monchhichi Tennis Ace Monchhichi

(aka Service) This Monchhichi is king of the tennis court. The Tennis Player Monchhichi looks stylish with his white tennis outfit and green headband. This Tennis Monchhichi figure has a blue tennis racket.
Baseball Outfielder Monchhichi Baseball Outfielder Monchhichi

(aka Slider) This Outfielder Monchhichi is about to slide into base - go Monchhichi go! The Monchhichi baseball player wears a blue baseball uniform and baseball cap.
Cymbalist Monchhichi Cymbalist Monchhichi

(aka Cymbal Player) This cymbal playing Monchhichi loves to march in the band - and crash his cymbals too, of course!
Sleepy Monchhichi Sleepy Monchhichi

(aka Snuggler) Awww...this little Monchhichi is all tuckered out and ready to catch some Zzzs! Sleep tight little friend! This little girl Monchhichi wears a yellow nightgown and sleeping cap. She also carries her favorite ruffled pillow.
Mini Monchhichi Figure in Package
Mini Monchhichi Figures By Mattel
In 1981, Mattel released a series of 18 mini Monchichi figures. These monchhichis are the same as the monchhichis figures that Parker put out in the 1970s. These Mattel monchhichis were just given new names and a spiffy new package. For example, the Tea Time Monchhichi was now called the Waitress Monchichi. It's still the same cute girl Monchhichi in an apron carrying a cup of tea.

The package reads,"The Original Mini Monchhichi Collectibles. 18 pint-sized mascots... collect them all!"
    5061 Outfielder
    5062 Fast Ball
    5063 Batter
    5064 Shortstop
    5065 Ace
    5066 Lobber
    5067 Matey
    5068 Flyer
    5069 Cuddler
    5070 Snow Plow
    5071 Hotdog
    5072 Nap Timer
    5073 Waitress
    5074 Snuggler
    5075 Bread Boy
    5076 Band Master
    5077 Cymbalist
    5078 Tom-Tom

Monchhichi Figures Packages

Here is a look at the two packages that the original mini Monchichis came in. The first miniature Monchichis came out in the 1970s and were released by Parker. Next came the mini Mochhichis released by Mattel in 1981. Parker released 30 Mochhichi figures and Mattel re-released a select 18 of those - but gave them new names. For example:

Slider Monchhchi became Outfielder Monchhichi.
Pitcher ---> Fast Ball Monchhichi
Batter-Up ---> Batter Monchhichi
Fly Ball ---> Shortstop Monchhichi
Forehand ---> Ace Monchhichi
Backhand ---> Lobber Monchhichi
Sailor ---> Matey Monchhichi
Pilot ---> Flyer Monchhichi
Cosy ---> Cuddler Monchhichi
Ski Tumble ---> Snow Plow Monchhichi
Snoozy ---> Nap Time Monchhichi
Tea Time ---> Waitress Monchhichi
Sleepy ---> Snuggler Monchhichi
Bakers Boy ---> Bread Boy Monchhichi
Drum Major ---> Band Master Monchhichi
Cymbal Player ---> Cymbalist Monchhichi
Drummer ---> Tom-Tom Monchhichi

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