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FoxTrot Characters


FoxTrot Characters List
Meet the Fox family and friends. Roger is the Dad, Andy is the mom, and Paige, Peter and Jason are the siblings. Of course, there are friends, girlfriends, would-be boyfriends, and everything in between. They're the typical American family, with all the high jinks, fun and frenzy that goes with it. Come and meet the most important people in the FoxTrot universe!

List of FoxTrot Characters:

Jason Fox Jason Fox

Jason Fox is the youngest child in the Fox family at ten years of age. He has blond hair, wears round glasses and is a consummate nerd. He loves Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Ring, roll-playing games and all things sci-fi. Jason is a genius (he once wrote a virus that crashed the internet) and has tutored his sister Paige in math. In addition to tutoring, Jason torments Paige (and Paige reciprocates). Jason has an iguana named Quincy that Paige cannot countenance.
Paige Fox Paige Fox

Paige is the only girl in the Fox family and is 14 years old. She's bubbly, friendly, wears a pony tail, and like most teenage girls, she loves clothes, shopping, and shoes. She has an extreme aversion to her brother Jason's Iguana, Quincy (although she once saved its life). As well, Paige battles with Jason often, and sometimes physically, as brothers and sisters do. She has many friends, but has trouble getting a date to the prom - except with Morton Goldthwait, a geek she despises. Paige is really in love with Pierre.
Peter Fox Peter Fox

Peter Fox is like many 16 year old teenagers. He's a junior in high school, loves sports (although he does not excel at them), he imagines himself playing in a rock band, and he procrastinates. Peter is known for his bottomless pit of a stomach - he can just eat and eat and eat and never seems to gain weight. Peter wears a white and blue baseball cap with a large letter A printed on it, a grey sweatshirt, and jeans. He has a visually-impaired girlfriend named Denise Russo.
Roger Fox Roger Fox
Roger is 45 years old and works at an office. He's the breadwinner for the Fox family, and yet is somehow the most clueless member. Roger can destroy a computer simply by touching it (an impressive feat), and has rather poor luck playing his favorite games, chess and football. Roger loves the outdoors and regularly inflicts his back-to-nature style camping trips on the family, despite the fact that the rest of the family seems to have to suffer through them.
Andy Fox Andrea Fox
Andy Fox is the matriarch and glue of the Fox family. She's 42 and a stay-at-home mom. Andy's a health nut, and so is constantly foisting he extremely healthy - but extremely poor tasting - food on the rest of the family, to their chagrin. She met her husband, Roger in university when he would slip notes under her door. Andy has an iFruit computer, has allergies, and majored in English in college.
Quincy Quincy

Qunicy is Jason's pet Iguana, and nemesis of Fox sister Paige. Also known as the Lone Iguana (who fights Paige along with Jason as masked crusaders), Qunicy is quite unflappable (occasionally, he'll become a bit scared when Jason throws him in the air). He gets to observe everything that goes on in the Fox household, and his usual response is to simply eat or chew household items.
Eileen Eileen Jacobson

Jason is in love with Eileen. Well, he likes her at least - that's the most he's been able to muster (he tried to invent a time machine to stop him from admitting it). Eileen came into Jason's life when she beat him at a math test, and has become a regular friend / competitor / enemy in that cute way kids behave at that age. Poor Jason, he doesn't stand a chance.
Marcus Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones is Jason's partner in crime. Jason's best friend, Marcus is black, smart, and shares many of the same nerdy passions Jason has. Marcus can double the annoyance Paige experiences from her brother Jason simply by being present - i.e., when Jason and Marcus play Star Trek make-believe, it drives Paige bonkers.
Denise Denise Russo

Denise is Peter's girlfriend. She's blind, but she certainly can see what Peter is all about - she always seems to have the upper hand. Peter often goes over to Denise's house to study Chemistry - which is really a euphemism for what teenagers do, smooch!

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