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Tales from the Far Side I and II DVD


Tales from the Far Side DVD

Tales from the Far Side I and II DVD Far Side DVD: Tales from the Far Side

Looking for the Far Side treasury - that plays on your TV set? Gary Larson is back, and this time his comics are fully animated! Featuring amazing cel-animation and a great musical score, The Far Side makes its transition to your living room in this much loved - yet largely unknown - animated DVD.

Fans of bugs, cows, and fat little kids rejoice - the long lost, impossible to find, out of print The Far Side specials are finally available on DVD.

Tales from the Far Side: Far Side DVD Review

What? You've never heard of the two (yes TWO) Far Side animated cartoons that were shown on TV? Well, then it will blow your mind to know that this is in fact the "Director's Cut" of Tales from the Far Side I and II, restored and edited to perfection by Gary Larson himself.

The Far Side world is really something that should be experienced - not explained. The look a viewer has on his or her face the first time they "get" a Far Side joke is priceless. This DVD has plenty of those priceless moments, all perfectly timed and perfectly formed jewels of humor crafted by the master Gary Larson himself. This is not one of those DVDs where the strip author just farmed out the work - this is Gary Larson's personal handiwork through and through - and the genius shows.

So, what is the story with The Far Side on DVD? It all started on network television. CBS debuted the first 22 minute Far Side cartoon (Tales from the Far Side) during Halloween of 1994. In 1997, Larson finished the 45 minute Tales from the Far Side II, which interestingly was only broadcast on the other side of the pond, on BBC. In 1999, Gary re-edited and refined the original 22 minute Tales from the Far Side, and restored / expanded it to 30 minutes. Finally, in 2007, the DVD version of Tales from the Far Side I and II was released. What a journey.

The humor makes a great transition from the printed page onto the television screen via classic cel animation. Along with limited vocal work, the animated jokes are allowed to breathe and take their time, something that allows Larson's work to thrive in a way never seen before. This animated version of The Far Side is a worthy addition to the Larson tome.

In addition to the hilarious and off-kilter humor of The Far Side, this DVD offers something special - music. Bill Frisell provides an absolutely amazing soundtrack the does not simply complement Larson's style, it enhances it. Frisell is a renaissance musician, spanning jazz, country and classical - he performs some of his best work on this DVD.

Gary Larson is considered one of the most influential and important cartoonists ever. If you like his work, this DVD will leave you in tears...okay, sometimes it will gross you out - but that's half the fun.

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