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Calvin and Hobbes Characters


Calvin & Hobbes Characters List
Calvin and Hobbes are an inseparable team: Calvin is a little boy, and Hobbes is his stuffed tiger. The two have amazing adventures, and a lot of close calls when speeding in his trusty sled and wagon. Joining Calvin and Hobbes are his Mom and Dad, little Susie Derkins, and even monsters under the bed. Calvin and Hobbes is one of the most popular cartoons ever made.

List of Calvin & Hobbes Characters:

Calvin Calvin

Calvin is a six year old boy. He has blond spiky hair and owns his own pet tiger, Hobbes. Calvin is highly intelligent, sarcastic, unruly, undisciplined, creative, slothful, and a hilarious commentator on society-at-large. Calvin performs very poorly at school and genuinely does not comprehend the subjects at hand, a fact exacerbated by his unwillingness listen, learn, or study. He has an amazing imagination that allows him to have unbelievable adventures with Hobbes. According to Calvin's Dad, Calvin was bought at K-Mart during a Blue Light Special.
Hobbes Hobbes

Hobbes is Calvin's best friend and pet tiger. To everyone but Calvin, Hobbes appears as an insentient stuffed animal. When alone with Calvin, however, Hobbes (often literally) springs to life. Hobbes has a sarcastic and understated sense of humor - he appears to understand much more than he lets on. Hobbes often wryly comments on Calvin's behaviors and opinions. Calvin and Hobbes are a team, and Calvin cannot bear to be without him.
Calvin's Dad Dad

Calvin's Dad is a patent attorney. Dad seems perpetually overworked and is often interrupted at work by inane questions from Calvin. Calvin's Dad loves camping, although the rest of the family are not as enthralled. He often gives ridiculous or sarcastic advice and explanations to Calvin in answers to his questions.
Calvin's Mom Mom

Calvin's Mom is a stay-at-home Mom. She does however, have a full time job - looking after Calvin and his various shenanigans! She spends a disproportionate amount of time ensuring Calvin gets up, has a bath, gets dressed, and actually makes it to school. Calvin is an extremely fussy eater, and Mom has to go to great lengths to get Calvin to eat (one time he seemed appreciative, she had told him she made stewed monkey heads).
Susie Derkins Susie Derkins

Susie is Calvin's neighbor and classmate in the first grade. In contrast to Calvin, Susie is well-mannered, well-spoken, thoughtful, courteous and industrious. Susie does well in school, studies hard and is always prepared. For a period of time, Calvin had an overt crush on Susie but this dissipated to some degree. Susie holds tea parties with her stuffed animals, one of which was attended by Hobbes, who became quite enamored with Susie. One of her stuffed animals is Mr. Bun, a toy bunny.
Rosalyn Rosalyn "the Sadistic Babysitter"

Rosalyn is Calvin's babysitter. She is saving-up money for college so she has to take a variety of jobs to support herself. In addition to babysitting, she also acts as Calvin's swimming instructor. Rosalyn does not indulge Calvin, and quickly persuades him to behave - under threat of physical violence. This form of motivation works wonders, although Calvin seems to resent actually doing what he's told (i.e. going to bed quietly, getting in the pool). Rosalyn is tall and thin and has blond hair.
Moe Moe "the Class Bully"

Moe is the class bully at Calvin's school. He's at least a head taller than Calvin and very strong. He is an imposing creature - his hair covers his eyes, he has large forearms and fists, a huge nose and a hint of vampire-like teeth. He is the only character whose typeface (the printed text that displays what a character says or thinks) is a bolded mix of childish upper and lowercase. Moe's unique font, combined with his monosyllabic violent nature contributes to his ominousness. When Moe threatens to physically beat up Calvin, it is truly menacing. Moe calls Calvin "Twinky".
Miss Wormwood Miss Wormwood, Calvin's Teacher

Miss Wormwood is Calvin's first grade teacher. She has short white hair and wears glasses. She appears to be quite old and is heavyset. Miss Wormwood represents the essence of school authority: she demands attention, study, discipline, and ultimately, learning. Calvin hates the consequences that she brings to bear on him because he simply cannot or will not be a good student.
Uncle Max Uncle Max

Uncle Max is Calvin's Dad's "big brother". Hipper and more youthful than Calvin's Dad and Mom, Uncle Max seems to be able to relate to Calvin more than his parents do. Uncle Max knows when Calvin is up to no-good and will try to catch Calvin out, letting Calvin know the jig is up. Uncle Max has a bushy mustache and is tall and lanky, just as Calvin's Dad is.
Monster Under the Bed Monster Under the Bed

The Monster Under the Bed is trying to eat Calvin. Although at one point it was revealed that there may be several monsters lying in lurk, Calvin generally only converses with one. The Monster has a scary voice and keeps Calvin and Hobbes awake at night. One time, Calvin attacked Hobbes with a bat in a mistaken attempt to defend himself!
Calvin's Alter Egos:
Calvin Duplicates Calvin Duplicates

When Calvin's Duplicator - which doubles as a cardboard box - is activated, a real life clone is created! Calvin creates the Duplicator in a lazy (but creative) attempt to get out of doing homework and chores. Unfortunately for Calvin, the duplicates are exactly the same as he is - and they are as unwilling to do his chores as Calvin is!
Spaceman Spiff Spaceman Spiff

Spaceman Spiff is a courageous explorer of the galaxy. Armed with a spaceship, ray guns, cunning and a sense of adventure, Spaceman Spiff patrols the universe, charting new worlds as he goes along. Spiff often faces evil aliens on his journeys, vile and repulsive creatures who are in actuality his parents or teachers. Spaceman Spiff often has exciting crash landings of his flying saucer.
Stupendous Man Stupendous Man

Stupendous Man is a superhero in the Batman/Superman vein. Blessed with superpowers like flight and super-strength, Stupendous Man fights villains like Mom Lady (his Mom), Annoying Girl (Susie), Crab Teacher (Miss Wormwood) and Babysitter Girl (Rosalyn). Despite his super abilities, Calvin claims that Stupendous Man has only won "moral victories". Like all the characters Calvin inhabits, he attempts to use the veil of Stupendous Man to shirk responsibility for his actions, feigning no knowledge of what his alter ego has done when caught.
Tracer Bullet Tracer Bullet

Tracer Bullet is a detective in the classic pulp-fiction film noir style. Dark, rainy, and mysterious, the life of Tracer Bullet is highly stylized - and a world away from whatever Calvin is usually hiding from (whether it be his Mom, his teacher, or plain old consequences).

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